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Guardians Vault Australia:

Hisui Midori Zugaikotsu Katana

High Manganese Steel / Clay Tempered Hammon

The GVA Hisui Midori Zugaikotsu (Jade Green Skull) Katana is a sight to behold !!

Featuring a stunning High grade Manganese steel Clay Tempered hammon blade & Midori (green) on black coloured Saya / ito wrap and Sageo .

Not to mention this beautiful katana has an incredible looking alloy Tsuba & fittings

with the classic Samurai Bushi warrior on one side / Zugaikotsu (Skull) on the other!!

Designed by Guardians Vault Australia this High Manganese steel blade has no Bo-hi (lightening groove) which makes it a very nice weight for those that like their katana with a great centre of gravity and a heavier fuller feeling blade.

Adorned by a custom clay tempered hammon this steel is both beautiful and strong.

Aside from the strength and durability of High Manganese steels, they have other properties that make them desirable for industrial applications.

As a typical wear-resistant steel, high manganese steel is primarily used to withstand impact, extrusion, wear and other harsh conditions.


Hisui Midori Zugoikotsu Katana Specs:
Steel: High grade Manganese steel - clay tempered
Fittings: Alloy/Brass mixed
Saya material: Solid wood - Black and Green lacquered
Approximate weight: 1.3KG=2.86 pounds
Approximate total length: 103 cm = 40.55 inches
Blade length: 73 cm = 28.74 inches
Tsuka handle length: 27 cm = 10.63 inches
Blade width: 3 cm = 1.18 inches
Blade thickness: 0.7 cm = 0.27 inches
Handforged full-tang High grade Manganese Steel with custom Clay Tempered Hammon - No-Bohi.
Guardians Vault Australia Engraved Tang.