Kote (Armoured Sleeves)

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The Kote (籠手, armored sleeves) are one of the three principle parts of the armor (called Sangu), that protected the extremities of the samurai in Feudal Japan. They typically extended from the shoulder to the first knuckle. Often they were crafted from hemp, linen, brocade or silk materials. Usually built with various types of iron plates and often kusari (iron chain-mail), sewn together in several layers and lacing at the top to secure to the watagami (shoulder strap), or around the samurai’s body. This style of sleeve armor offered adequate protection to the warrior without restricting movement in the arm and/or shoulder.

There are many styles of kote crafted throughout the history of Feudal Japan. Iron Mountain Armory has focused on the most popular kote designs and combining the most common styles, giving the modern warriors several design options and choices of how they want to wear, or tie their kote. The inside of the kote laces together and can be easily adjusted to give the wearer a snug and comfortable fit according to  their unique arm size. The tekko (armor plate behind the hand), and disposable thumb plate are crafted to offer the wearer more protection without hindering hand mobility.

Our Kote feature several tying methods for different styles of use. The first tying method is to the watagami (shoulder strap) / sode kohaze (sode toggle), for those looking to use the Kote with full maneuverability during sword practice. The second option, is around the neck and over the opposite shoulder. The third, is tying them together at the back and front, and then sliding them on like sleeves of a shirt. Fourth, would be tying them across the torso and under the opposite armpit. A combination of options can also be combined. The idea is to do whatever feels more comfortable for the wearer.


Please use the size chart provided to select your measurements for customisation.

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