Traditional Yoroi Hitatare

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Traditional Yoroi Hitatare 

The yoroi hitatare were the traditional shirt and pants that were a popular outfit worn by Samurai in the 12th and 17th Century in Japan.  

The hitatare is basically another version of the hakama and kimono which are more ideal to wear under armor.    Although less formal, the hitatare was often worn in some official capacity and often adorned with a kataginu (sleeveless jacket with exaggerated shoulders).  

     Our traditional hitatare is a 3 part set which includes a cotton shitagi (undershirt).  

This traditional yoroi hitatare set is handmade by the Iron Mountain Armory and requires about 2 to 3 weeks to be made.  Please allow extra time for delivery.   

Optional: Tasuki - a 5x70cm flat belt which tucks the sleeves of the Kimono or Yukata up and out of the way while you perform normal tasks.

Please note:  Please select your size and allow 45 days for shipping.

Armour not included.

  • Authentic Reproduction: Traditional Design
  • Highest Quality: Quality Silk / Cotton
  • Customizable: Color & Size






1 Review

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    Fantastic and Authentic Garment

    Posted by Nathanael Chapman on 13th Feb 2018

    I am the captain of a historical reenactment group that reenacts Japan in the mid to late 16th century, Sengoku No Bushido. Like all other living history groups, we can only use items that are 'document-able' and authentic. I have to say that these guys can really meet these requirements, and are more than happy to!

    I have been dealing with Daniel for the past few months, perhaps a bit longer, and it has been an absolute pleasure. The only reason I have rated four sstars instead of five is because there was an issue with the material not being 100% natural material (all materials used for living history need to be authentic and 100% natural), and because the site did not previously mention this and in fact said 'silk or cotton' led to a good amount of confusion. I would only recommend that the site update that information specifically, however, knowing Daniel, I highly doubt that the issue was deliberate. I say this because Daniel was extremely accommodating and was a huge help throughout the process, sacrificing extra time so that ends met. Huge props to him!

    Now onto the product itself. I will admit my needs were quite specific, however these guys were extremely accommodating and more than happy to meet the requirements I needed. I am more than happy to say that, as a historical reenactor, I can prove that is indeed an accurate and authentic reconstruction of clothing from the period. If you disagree with me or want to know how this garment is indeed historically accurate, I am more than happy to discuss that with you over the phone ;) The sewing work is incredibly precise, and the silk material with the embroideries are nothing short of the work of a master! (as a reenactor, I have seen some pretty amazing recreations of clothes). In short, if you want to get historically authentic gear, this is the place to get it!

    The connection and determination Daniel has with his business is absolutely remarkable and is nothing short of commendable! I guarantee that you will find it extremely difficult to find another business like this one that is run by such a passionate, hard-working, and accommodating individual.