Custom Yoroi Hitatare

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Yoroi Hitatare 

The Yoroi Hitatare are the traditional shirt and pants that were a popular outfit worn by Samurai between the 12th and 17th Century in Japan.  The hitatare is basically a snugger version of the hakama and kimono making it more ideal to wear under armor.  It was also made popular and used as a Shinobi or Ninja uniform.  

Although less traditional than the kimono, the hitatare was often worn in some official capacity and often adorned with a kataginu (sleeveless jacket with exaggerated shoulders).  

     We offer the hitatare with gi in a short or long sleeve.  

If you will be wearing your gi with Samurai armor we recommend to order the short sleeve as it will fit inside the kote (armored sleeve) easier.  If you plan to wear your Yoroi Hitatare as a ninja uniform or in a more "official" capacity, we would recommend ordering it with the longer sleeves.  

Handmade custom to order.

Material Options:  
Poplin - is a plain weave, tightly woven, very durable, great weight amd traditional feel.  (More popular) 
Twill Cotton - very similar to what you find in a lot of pants, very good weight, heavy duty

Note: This is handmade in the USA so please allow 30 ~ 45 days for delivery.