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We are always trying our hardest at Guardians Vault Australia to bring you the highest quality service, beautiful blades & prices to match - Heres what our customers are saying:


Sashimono Purchase

Product: Sashimono (War Banner)
Posted By: Scott on 8th Apr 2024

I recently purchased a Sashimono from Guardian Vault Australia and despite placing the order over the Xmas/New Year period was happy with the time it took for my order to be processed. Communication (with Dan) was excellent throughout the process. The final product (a Sashimono and stand) was delivered safe and in good order. The requested mon (Sanada clan) was well executed and the overall quality of the banner was first class. Highly recommended seller.



Rain Cloak

Product: Mino (Samurai Rain Cloak)
Posted By: Fred 11th May 2023

Beautifully made and very authentic! Highly recommend!



Product: Chokuto Take - Shirasaya Ninja-to
Posted By: Rodney 21st Apr 2023
Wow what great craftsmanship. Will only order from GVA.


Cutting stand

Product: Tameshigiri Test Cutting - Stand kit
Posted By: Josh T. 4th Apr 2023
Very good, solid and sturdy stand for tameshigiri


Maintenance kit katana

Product: Quality Katana Maintenance Kit
Posted By: Anne 14th Feb 2023

Dan is very helpful and knowledgeable he has assisted us a few times now and knows exactly what is required as we are new to this area. Im very impressed by the kit and I am glad we found Guardian Vault Australia our new one stop shop. I certainly will be buying again from Dan high recommended for anyone who is a novice like me. This was part of a present and the presentation is beautiful and certainly fits with the sword we bought a beautiful combination together.Thanks Dan


Crimson Guardian Oni Menpo

Product: Crimson Guardian Oni Menpo
Posted By: Darren 8th Aug 2022

Excellent quality and value for money, rich colours make it stand out when incorporated with Yoroi



Product: Yamamoto Kansuke Gashira Samurai Armour
Posted By: Rebecca Mercieca 24th May 2022

Dan went over and above to help me choose the colours and other options. His service was more than expected. The armor is absolutely amazing and even better than I expected. So realistic. Manufacture and delivery time was faster than I expected.


Samurai Armour

Product: GVA Samurai Armour Rental $410 (5 Days)
Posted By: Sean Cahill 17th May 2022

Great communication and product. Was a centrepiece at our event


Samurai armour

Product: Cpt. Nathan Algren Last Samurai Daimyo Class Samurai Armour
Posted By: Jon hunter 13th May 2022

This is a beautiful armour set ..very special and Superior quality
Very happy!


Ronin Kensei Menpo

Product: Ronin Kensei Menpo - Wood Bronze
Posted By: Ronin Around
  2nd May 2022
An excellently constructed and painted Menpo in a traditional style. The mask is on the large size but I have a big head (I wear an XXL motorcycle helmet!) so it might not fit a smaller head well. The construction material is sturdy and has a solid, well built feel to it. I'd give it 4.5 out of 5 stars (the site won't allow half stars) as the strap could be a little wider to fit better. Bought as a present for a family member who has yet to receive it. I'll be ordering a full.sized mask for myself soon!


Crimson Oni Guardian

Product: Crimson Guardian Oni Menpo
Posted By: Jane & David Marrinez 2nd Apr 2022

Absolutely incredible, beautifully crafted.


Samurai Armor

Product: Tetsu Nami Gashira Samurai Armor
Posted By: David Walker 23rd Feb 2022

Great armor, the rivets however are decorative, i was expecting real rivets with the rivet option 2x fell off during shipping, other then that great set, great customer service and im pretty pleased, fits well im going to buy more :)



Product: Suneate
Posted By: Fraser Paterson 23rd Feb 2022

overall good quality, metal could be a bit thicker


Junsuina Momiji katana

Product: Junsuina Momiji Katana Dual Bo-Hi / High-Grade AISI 1095CS / Custom blade
Posted By: Dimitri Tops on 17th January 2022

My katana lived up to my expectations in every way. It is a beautifully handcrafted weapon.


JINBAORI Version 6

Product: Jinbaori (Surcoat)
Posted By: Bruce Gannaway on 26th December 2021

Absolutely beautiful, the material is first class and what a fantastic addition to my Oda Clan Gashira Yoroi, transforming an already impressive example of Sengoku Jidai armour into something awe inspiring.


Crimson Guardian Oni Mask

Product: Crimson Guardian Oni Mask - Japanese Demon Facemask
Posted By: Julie Ryan on 19th December 2021

The mask is exactly as depicted. The tracking service relieved my mind in these days of uncertainty. I look forward to using this site again.



Product: Jinbaori (Surcoat)
Posted By: Craig Burman on 09 December 2021

Great design, workmanship & detail on all products purchased. Thank you to Dan for his expertise, advice & professionalism.



Product: Tetsu Nami Gashira Samurai Armor
Posted By: Craig Burman on 09 December 2021

Outstanding Quality



Product: Benzaiten 弁才天 Tatsu Ha - 1095 High Carbon Steel / Clay Tempered Master Hammon
Posted By: Craig Burman on 09 December 2021

Outstanding Quality


Amazing sword and customer service

Product: Custom - Black Ronin / 1060CS / Unique Saya
Posted By: Kenny on 24th November 2021

Despite countless lockdowns, Dan went above and beyond to produce such an amazing sword. The friendly customer service and communications from inital order to final delivery put my mind at ease. This is the first time I have ever purchased a katana and couldn't be more stoked with the final result.


Goruden Ghost Oni Mask

Product: Goruden Ghost Oni Mask - Japanese Demon Facemask
Posted By: Dimitri Tops on 8th Nov 2021

I was pleasantly surprised to have received the product so quickly as it had to be shipped from overseas. The quality of the mask was as good as it looked online. It looks great on my wall.



Product: Oda Clan Gashira Samurai Armor
Posted By: Bruce Gannaway on 23rd October 2021

This is my first Yoroi purchase and it definitely did not disappoint. What a beautiful piece of art the Oda Clan Gashira Samurai Armor is. I feel honored to own this wonderful iconic creation and thank Dan of Guardians Vault Australia for his outstanding communication and support throughout the process.



Product: Crimson Guardian Oni Mask - Japanese Demon Facemask
Posted By: Nicholas T on 18th October 2021

Really well made, It came really fast from when I placed the order overall great product and people


Bushido lineage 1060cs wakizashi

Product: Bushido Lineage 1060CS Wakizashi
Posted By: Ivan on 28th September 2021

Good solid construction, double pegged.
Manuki on the correct side of handle.
Only small let down is that the sharpness isn’t consistent throughout the edge.,


Bushido Lineage

Product: Bushido Lineage/1060CS/Samurai Katana
Posted By: Niki on 11th Aug 2021

Firstly Dan is the absolute man


Benzaiten 弁才天 Tatsu Ha

Product: Benzaiten 弁才天 Tatsu Ha - 1095 High Carbon Steel / Clay Tempered Master Hammon
Posted By: Jason 10th March 2021

Jewel in the crown with 9260 clay tempered and folded hardened steel. Beautiful piece that is receiving a lot of attention


Junsuina Momiji

Product: Junsuina Momiji Katana Dual Bo-Hi / High-Grade AISI 1095CS / Custom blade
Posted By: Jason on 10th March 2021

Another great blade. Light with dual bo-hi. Took option of high CS and clay tempering. Good looking katana that grabs attention


Kuroi Tatsu- Black Dragon

Product: Kuroi Tatsu- Black Dragon / 1060CS / Black Ito / Black blade / Custom Samurai Katana
Posted By: Jason on 10th March 2021

Great looking katana. With the option of clay tempering has produced a beautiful blade with a red hammon line. Awesome



Product: Custom Engraving Kanji / English
Posted by Raymond Jarrett on 9th Feb 2021

Great service & communication. Quality product for the price.


Murasaki Bushi

Product: Murasaki Bushi / 1060 Folded CS / KatateMaki Tsuka Ito - Splotched Saya
Posted By: Nick on 7th Dec 2020

The sword is magnificent. I love it, can't wait to order more from GV. Dan is awesome, communication outstanding. I couldn't be happier.


A4 Framed Art

Product: Japanese A4 Framed Kanji Art - Hand Painted - "Warrior"
Posted By: Nigel Perry on 10th Nov 2020

This item was as advertised and arrived in a timely manner. The owner Dan's communication was great and we are happy to recommend to anyone.


ONI Mask

Product: Crimson Guardian Oni Mask - Japanese Demon Facemask
Posted By: Nigel Perry on 10th Nov 2020

Dan the owner was a pleasure to deal with, exceptional communication. The item is exactly what was advertised and the quality is very good. I am sure this will be the first of many masks to be hung on the wall. A trusted supplier I would recommend to anyone. Thanks Dan



Product: Crimson Guardian Oni Mask - Japanese Demon Facemask
Posted By: Volkan Polat 22 Oct 2020

Very good decorating item and quick delivery


Daku Akuma armour

Product: Daku Akuma Gashira Samurai Armor
Posted By: Fraser 21 Oct 2020

Great service and great product. Already started training with it


Fabulous workmanship

Product: Crimson Guardian Oni Menpo
Posted By: Ryan 29 Sept 2020

As good if not better than my expectations.
Excellent customer service and delivery speed.
I am very happy with this piece and look forward to my next purchase.


Amazing quality

Product: Onryō Oni Menpo (Vengeful Spirit)
Posted By: Tom 28 Sept 2020

Mine was a bit too wide to be wear but amazing quality


crimson guardian oni menpo

Product: Crimson Guardian Oni Menpo
Posted By: Ben 2 Sept 2020

awesome product. Came really fast, and looks exactly like picture. Great fit to my face, which isn't the thinnest face.


Amazing product and service

Product: Yamamoto Kansuke Gashira Samurai Armour
Posted By: Leisa Fail 25 Aug 2020

Thank you Dan for delivering us an amazing custom made armour. I felt like we were your only customer and nothing was too much. When the armour arrived from overseas with the forge own take on our order you let us know and we decided that they actually made it perfect before you sent it on. I cannot rave enough about the product or your service it was a great experience all round, considering we purchased at the height of Covid-19 in Australia you delivered better than expected. We'll certainly be passing on your website details to anyone interested. Greatly appreciated for all your hard work to see our dream come to reality


Oni Menpo

Product: Shrine Sentinel Oni Menpo
Posted By: Steve on 6 Aug 2020
As with my other review, the mask came well packaged and quite quickly from the purchase date.

Compared to my Heron Ghost Oni Mask, this mask is a bit wider of a fit. The strap is comfortable and definitely enough for this when adjusted correctly. However with most masks, I would recommend some sort of upgraded strap for high mobility activities. It is not at all heavy or tiring to wear.

The finish and quality of this mask is superb. Another 10/10.

Very happy with both of my purchases.


Oni Mask

Product: Heron Ghost Oni Mask - Japanese Demon Facemask
Posted By: Steve on 6 Aug 2020

First off; the mask came well packaged in a sturdy, undamaged cardboard box and wrapped in bubble wrap. It does arrive with the horns detached but it takes about two minutes to have it all put together with the screws provided.

The fit and finish on these is amazing and are quite comfortable compared to some other masks I've worn.

I will say the strap is definitely good enough but at the same time not the best. It is comfortable but quite basic. If you plan to be wearing this for long periods of time or during a high movement activity, I would highly recommend changing the strap for something a bit more durable.

The mask is definitely a 10/10. I generally buy different masks as wall pieces and this one is definitely a standout from the rest.

Very happy with the purchase. Only took around 10 days to get it too!


Excellent piece of wearable art

Product: Crimson Guardian Oni Menpo
Posted By: ADRiVER on 5 Aug 2020

Stay Safe... we NOT in this together.
Oni protects me from self proclaimed authorities and their violent ways :)
Travel public places in style and adhere to social idiocy :)


Sanada Yukimura Taisho class

Product: Sanada Yukimura Taisho Gusoku
Posted By: Jeff
Looked after since day 1. Dan is a knowledgeable person when it comes to his armours. A person with high caliber service! The armour score is 10/10 hands down beautiful. Highly recommend :)


Jinbaori coat

Product: Jinbaori (Surcoat)
Posted by Aidan barsby on 23rd Sep 2019

Absolutely fantastic, highest quality I could have possibly asked for well worth the price.


Sanada Yukimura taisho Gusoku

Product: Sanada Yukimura Taisho Gusoku
Posted by Aidan barsby on 23rd Sep 2019

This piece is stunning, incredible finishes and outstanding craftsmanship, priced perfectly for the quality and pure aesthetics of the piece.


Utsukushii Ha

Product: "Utsukushii Ha" / 1095 High Carbon Steel / Clay Tempered / Carved Shell Saya
Posted by Kerrie on 26th Sep 2019

Such a truly beautiful blade with stunning workmanship and the saya is an amazing work of art - thank you for all your help Dan, it was always a pleasure talking to you.



Product: GVA Kengo Hogosha Naginata
Posted By: Edwin Miao 22nd Jul 2019

When I first saw the naginata on the website, I was disappointed with the length, which measured as 195cm. Compared with HanWei naginata, there was not much difference. I discussed this with Dan, the head of this company, and he suggested he design a new naginata measured at 215-220cm as I requested. After receiving this new naginata, I am finding that it works well, and has strong shaft and sharp blade. It is similar to the products used in ancient years. I recommend serious martial arts practitioners have this real naginata.



Custom Engraving

Product: Custom Engraving Kanji / English
Posted By: Paul 15th Jul 2019

I am very happy with the engraving. It really personalize the blade. Very professionally done. Thanks. Paul


Utsukushi Ha 5 Star Review

 Posted by Paul on 11th Jul 2019

 I love the workmanship in creating the sword. Exceeded my expectations and thank you Dan. Look forward to ordering the next blade soon.


 excellent quality!!! 5 Star Review

Posted by Reilly Ford on 13th Oct 2018

 I've had my Naginata for a few months now & its held up very well.

The steel is very good & the edge is very sharp, it handles great & the shaft is well made.

Definitely worth the price


 Awesome Armour 5 Star Review

Posted by Andrew San on 14th Aug 2018

I have always wanted my own samurai armour and finally thanks to Dans effort I have my own Sanada Yukimura armour. Its an awesome piece of quality craftsmanship. I am so happy with this purchase, the wait was definitely worth it.
From my first contact with Dan his customer service was unreal. In his email correspondence you could feel the passion he has and how hard he works behind the scenes. He was determined to make sure I got the quality armour he believes in.
Dan was always willing to help no matter what I asked him. He was a pleasure to deal with.I highly recommend Guardians Vault Australia. You rock! Job well done! Awesome!
I am now looking forward to my next order with them.


Beautiful Sword. Amazing Service.5 Star Review

Posted by Jason McMillan on 18th Jul 2018

Couldn't be happier with my purchase. The 'Kurayami' is a beautiful sword, with a truly unique look & the customer service from Dan & Guardians Vault was second to none.

This is my first decent katana & since I have no martial arts training it is going to be an ornamental piece for me. I am amazed at its quality, I'm no expert but the sword & it's fittings are obviously well made. The Ito & Sageo wraps are tight, the sword fits tightly in its Saya with no rattle, & there is a satisfying click as you push the sword in or out accordingly. I really recommend anyone pay extra for the wooden storage box as I did, it's almost as nice as the sword itself.

There was a delay in delivery as the forge sent my order to Austria instead of Australia, but Dan took it upon himself to commission a new blade to be made at his own expense so the wait would be minimised. That's the kind of service you'll get from this guy, just exemplary, & he is happy to correspond via email with you throughout the process regardless of what additional queries you may have.

You might be thinking (as I was) of going directly to the forge with a potential order to save some money. I made the decision to support Dan & Guardians Vault with my purchase because of the peace of mind that comes with dealing through a business that does this regularly. No hassles with customs, excellent customer service, & a beautiful sword at the end of the transaction. Well worth the money spent. Thank you Dan & Guardians Vault Australia.


 Terrific Quality 5 Star Review

Posted by Steve on 19th Feb 2018

Everything from the conversations with Dan to the quality of the scroll were fantastic. I would recommend this to anyone that wants an authentic Japanese product and appreciates great customer service.


Amazing Craftsmenship 5 Star Review

Posted by Nathanael Chapman on 13th Feb 2018

I am writing on behalf of a friend who is a member of our historical reenactment group, Sengoku No Bushido. Our group strongly supports Daniel's business not just because he is an amazingly dedicated guy, but also because he makes authentic and amazing stuff!

As a historical reenactor I have seen many kinds of blades, and I have to say this one is an absolute masterpiece. If he has it handy, my friend shows it off constantly and it is easy to see why. The balance of this blade is incredible! It just WANTS to hit something! The blade is heavier than it feels, and the masterwork construction of the blade is the reason for this. The work of the folded steel and the sharpening was wonderfully done, and the we didn't have to wait long at all for it to be made and posted. The engravings on the pommel and the tsuba are also to be highly commended, absolutely amazing work!

Daniel is a pleasure to do business with and many other businesses should do a crash course with him.


Fantastic and Authentic Garment 4 Star Review

Posted by Nathanael Chapman on 13th Feb 2018

I am the captain of a historical reenactment group that reenacts Japan in the mid to late 16th century, Sengoku No Bushido. Like all other living history groups, we can only use items that are 'document-able' and authentic. I have to say that these guys can really meet these requirements, and are more than happy to!

I have been dealing with Daniel for the past few months, perhaps a bit longer, and it has been an absolute pleasure. The only reason I have rated four sstars instead of five is because there was an issue with the material not being 100% natural material (all materials used for living history need to be authentic and 100% natural), and because the site did not previously mention this and in fact said 'silk or cotton' led to a good amount of confusion. I would only recommend that the site update that information specifically, however, knowing Daniel, I highly doubt that the issue was deliberate. I say this because Daniel was extremely accommodating and was a huge help throughout the process, sacrificing extra time so that ends met. Huge props to him!

Now onto the product itself. I will admit my needs were quite specific, however these guys were extremely accommodating and more than happy to meet the requirements I needed. I am more than happy to say that, as a historical reenactor, I can prove that is indeed an accurate and authentic reconstruction of clothing from the period. If you disagree with me or want to know how this garment is indeed historically accurate, I am more than happy to discuss that with you over the phone ;) The sewing work is incredibly precise, and the silk material with the embroideries are nothing short of the work of a master! (as a reenactor, I have seen some pretty amazing recreations of clothes). In short, if you want to get historically authentic gear, this is the place to get it!

The connection and determination Daniel has with his business is absolutely remarkable and is nothing short of commendable! I guarantee that you will find it extremely difficult to find another business like this one that is run by such a passionate, hard-working, and accommodating individual.


great product 5 Star Review

Posted by on 22nd Dec 2017

Really well built. True to the pics and looks brilliant on display.


 Wow wow wow... 5 Star Review

 Posted by Will on 12th Dec 2017

 Absolutely stunning sword for the price point, actually for any price point in my opinion.

The balance and weight of the blade are just right, allowing for both significant control and power in swing, and the artistic value of the sword is amazing...

Extremely pleased and will definitely buy again.


 Very Good 5 Star Review

Posted by Reilly on 4th Nov 2017

This is a great piece!!!
I'm very happy with it!!!
The level of quality & attention to detail is outstanding!!!
Worth every $$$


Absolutely Impeccable from contact to delivery 5 Star Review

Posted by shane roberts on 5th Aug 2017

I am unable to rate my experience with Dan & Guardians Vault high enough. The service, information & help Dan provided was way above and beyond any expectations one could have. It's rare to deal with someone so honourable and passionate. Thank you Dan.

The Kurayami is an awesome katana, I was amazed by the look and quality when I first opened it. The care taken in packaging, attention to detail and craftsmanship is flawless and flowing. Brilliant design and balance when moving through the air for me, I love it. Stunning and beautiful.


Kurayami - highly recommended 5 Star Review

Posted by Alycia on 12th Jul 2017

I am utterly blown away with how amazing this sword is – beautifully constructed and presented, right down to the protective packaging it arrived in.

Nothing compares to the individuality of this Sword, the black blade is absolutely breathtaking.

Everyone that I have shown the sword to have had the same reaction, they cannot believe the attention to detail that has been put into this Katana!

Thank you Dan!!!


Utsukushii Ha 5 Star Review

 Posted by Peter Fitzgerald on 5th Jul 2017

 Just received my new Katana ,thanks Dan this is a beautiful sword,can't believe the quality,seen and handled many swords on trips to Asia and Japan the quality and feel of this sword is remarkable I've handled Katana in Japan that are 3 to 4 hundred years old. Made by master swords man and this is equal to any I've tried the weight and balance is truly amazing ,swords of this quality would cost 4 to 5 thousand AUD dollars in Japan. Thanks again very pleased (now looking for next one ) many thanks Pete


worth it 5 Star Review

Posted by Lochlan Lennox on 14th May 2017

Its is as much a piece of art as it is a functional sword. customer service is with a normal person which is a nice change. would recommend as no other sword in this price range I've seen has this level of visual appeal and still be a functioning sword. no regrets in getting it.


Amazing Sword 5 Star Review

Posted by Conrad Peleti on 13th Dec 2016

Amazing communication from the seller and excellent craftsmanship, Would recommend


Excellent blade 5 Star Review

Posted by Jeremy Cotter on 11th Nov 2016

Beautiful work and pure art...would buy from Guardians Vault again anytime...


kurayami 4 Star Review

Posted by LL on 5th Sep 2016

Love the look and feel, looking forward to comparing it to another pricier piece


A work of art 5 Star Review

Posted by Ben on 7th Jul 2016

Received the 'Utsukushii Ha' the other day. First thing I noticed was the care taken packaging the box. You guys went above and beyond to ensure it turned up pristine. The Guardians Vault custom box is very nice. Opening the box revealed the sword in its bag. This is my first sword but I've got to say the Utsukushii Ha really is a work of art.
Thanks Dan, I will be back for another in the not too distant future.


Under-stand-ing 5 Star Review

Posted by Pete on 2nd Mar 2016

Due to supplier issues, the dual tier stand wasn't available. Thanks for going to Plan B Dan, and providing me with a suitable alternative to hang my son's birthday Katana on ;-D


Indescribably good 5 Star Review

Posted by Pete on 2nd Mar 2016

I had my son's 21st birthday Katana inscribed with the name of his blade and the date - a special moment enshrined on a beautiful blade ;-D


Utsukushī ken 5 Star Review

Posted by Pete on 2nd Mar 2016

A simply stunning blade and scabbard. The workmanship and finish are excellent, as are the balance and detailing. All delivered with the excellent service, support and comms always provided by Dan and GVA. Bought this blade as a 21st gift for my son and it will surpass all his expectations - a thing of pure beauty ;-D


Utsukushii Ha 5 Star Review

Posted by Greg on 24th Dec 2015

This is a beautiful Katana.The detail and finish are superb.The deep rich finish of the Saya is quite amazing.In sunlight the seashell inlay catches the light and inside under display lights this this Katana would look like a piece of art.
Until the blade is drawn, with no Bo-hi the Utsukushii Ha is substantial and powerful while also being balanced and elegant.
Guardians are great to deal with, Dan has provided a standard of service from first contact to delivery that is 5 star and very personal and professional.


Beautiful sword 5 Star Review

Posted by CR on 23rd Dec 2015

This sword cost me about $100 more than my last one but is so much better. I love the attention to detail, it looks great :)

Lots of thought has obviously gone into the design.

Dan has been a pleasure to deal with throughout the process.


Awesome 5 Star Review

Posted by michael on 23rd Dec 2015

Dan was a pleasure to deal with and a real professional.
The blade came before Christmas and is beautiful. Can't wait to get a display stand to show it off.

Thanks heaps


Phoenix style katana 5 Star Review

Posted by D.F. on 22nd Dec 2015

Masterfully crafted, exceeded my expectations!
A lot of hard work and devotion went into this sword and it really shows!
It has a great feel and really looking forward to using this in kendo.
Would highly recommend this to any collector or sword enthusiast, Dan was great to work with, thanks for the awesome katana!


Fantastic workmanship 5 Star Review

Posted by Stewart Hill on 4th Dec 2015

Received my katana some time ago now. The service from Dan was some of the best I've seen in my life for online shopping. Personal service with a virtual smile :) The sword is amazing. While travelling Japan I didn't find anything I like and nothing came close to the quality and value of this katana.


Best Purchase Ever 5 Star Review

Posted by DPC on 13th Oct 2015

Extremely happy with my armour, its gorgeous, and has held up extremely well with my Live Action Battle gaming. Fits Great, i dont even know im wearing it.
Best Customer Service, 10/10 would buy again


Kurayami, a blade worthy of its name 5 Star Review

Posted by Phil on 22nd Jun 2015

This was the first time I have bought a Katana, so I was very paranoid on whether I would get some cheaply made product. However, upon enquiring about this with Dan I knew I had come to the right place. Anyway, I am truly impressed with the quality of this sword. It is a very beautiful and unique design, it's greatest feature being the black coloured carbon steel blade (and no it is not painted black) with the red streaks running through it. Fittings are snug and overall very well put together. I cannot find any fault with this blade. Thank you Dan for this beautiful work of art.


Designed to deliver 5 Star Review

Posted by Very Satisfied Customer on 20th May 2015

The custom engraving on my Katana make the blade unique, and forever mark the special day I purchased the sword to commemorate. Dan thanks very much for the flexibility, and creative input on the font - it helped make my blade unique and special.


Out-Stand-Ing 5 Star Review

Posted by Very Satisfied Customer - Anonymous due to gift :) on 20th May 2015

The stand Dan helped me source is perfect for my Katana and will help me display it in all its glory. Thanks Dan, the excellent service and support was very much appreciated.


Superb Sword and Service 5 Star Review

Posted by Very Satisfied Customer - Anonymous due to gift :) on 20th May 2015

What can I say, the service, communication and support Dan provides has been superb. Nothing has been too much trouble, and the finished blade is simply excellent. Hard to find reliable, courteous and friendly service these days, but Dan and GVA deliver on them all. A pleasure working with you on my Katana Dan, thank you very much mate!


Shin no nihonjin no seishin

Posted by Nenad Saflin on 17th Sep 2014

Dan was fantastic to deal with and went the extra mile to assist us with every detail. Rare to find this level of customer service outside of Japan.

The Custom Junsuina Momiji Katana is a stunning blade - beautiful to hold, well balanced and also quite unique and a lovely blade, especially if you're looking for something distinct and individual for tournaments, demos and exhibitions.

You will not be disappointed with either the quality of workmanship or the level of service.

Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita!


1st class product, 1st class service.

Posted by michael archer on 9th Sep 2014

Just received my new katana from Guardians Vault.From my initial enquiry with Dan, the customer service has been exemplary,always polite and prompt replies to all of my queries,nothing seems to be to much trouble for this company.The quality of their products is there to be seen, absolutely beautiful is the best description for my new katana and I'm already working on my next purchase!!


1st class product, 1st class service.

Posted by michael archer on 4th Sep 2014

Just received my new blade ,the 'Utsukishii Ha ' katana.
From the first email with Dan to my delivery today, my purchase with Guardians Vault has been handled in the most professional manner,updates with production,all my questions answered promptly and professionally and all made from a person that actually cares about his customers , this is not forgetting the 'beautiful edge' katana, what more could one add that hasn't already been said in other reviews
1st class blade ,1st class fittings ,1st class company . I'm already looking at my next purchase , don't tell the wife just yet !! Regards Michael A.


Beautiful katana

 Posted by Bob on 11th Apr 2014

 This piece is simply stunning. Beautifully forged and finished. Dan from Guardians Vault was helpful and kept me informed the whole way through the forging on the process . Would highly recommend people to purchase through Guardians Vault.


Beautiful sword, great experience

 Posted by Nic on 10th Feb 2014

 This is my first sword and I adore it. Well packaged, fast delivery and easy payment made for an easy purchase. Hats off to Dan for his fantastic advice, he was so helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much.


 Legendary Oni

Posted by Unknown on 25th Sep 2013

This katana is beautiful it lived up to all of the expectations that i had. The detail in every little part is amazing. Defiantly an awesome katana.


 Red Warrior Katana

Posted by Larry on 5th Sep 2013

Very happy with our sword. The quality and finish are great and the service and communication from Dan was first class. Our Katana looks fantastic up on the wall and we can't resist un-sheathing it and weilding it around the living room. If I ever want another one I'll definitely buy it from Guardians Vault.


Perfect sword! Perfect service!

 Posted by Jeremy.M on 13th Aug 2013

 This blade is beyond any I have had the chance to hold and own myself.

It's weighted perfectly, its style is elegant and you can tell from the moment you see it, it has had an incredible amount of authentic effort and care put into its construction!

Everything about this sword reflects its authenticity and perfection, and it truly is beyond awesome!

Thankyou to Mr.Vickery for his lovely customer service and pleasant attitude and sharing this work of art with me at such a modest price!



Posted by aidan on 31st Jul 2013

Very good katana feels great in hand and an excellent price what a bargain for the quality of the katana!


Buy one... Then you'll understand.

Posted by Mick on 4th Jun 2013

Received this today... Service was amazing as usual dan! right down to the packaging, I mean come on guys, what more could you want. Top service, great packaging, amazing prices and to top it all off... What a fine blade it is, I mean... When I pulled this baby out.. All I can think about was how sexy this really is to hold. To appreciate this blade, you much appreciate the steel. That blade... Just screams kurayami. Thanks guardians vault and thanks again dan.. Once again.. Wow, my mind got blown :D


Spot on!

Posted by Steve on 16th May 2013

Just received ours and couldn't be happier. Via email we decided everything from paint colour to the font of our message on the front, and they made sure to do it just right. They really gave me my money's worth for this. Couldnt be happier!



Posted by Steve on 16th May 2013

It just arrived and boy is it a sight to behold. Beautifully crafted and weighted, and it arrived undamaged. Couldn't be happier :)


Exquisite perfection

Posted by Josh Ryan on 8th May 2013

I could not possibly be happier with my purchase from Guardians Vault. Dan was an absolute pleasure to deal with updating me regularly during the process of custom making my Katana. The sword itself could not be more beautiful, a perfect representation of what I had in mind when I made the intial purchase.A true display of expert level craftmanship. Anyone interested in buying a custom made practical or work of art Katana would do themselves a favor to buy from Guardians Vault. I look forward to buying from them again.


Katana - "Utsukushii Ha"

Posted by Michael J Duncanson on 26th Apr 2013

I had to write a review on the "Utsukushii Ha" - Beautiful Edge .....Custom Clay Tempered Samurai Katana. This Katana is amazing, In more ways than one. The workmanship, The fine detail, presentation, and amazing draw from the Saya is at the highest level of quality. The Saya is beautifully presented with shell embossing of birds etc.. I have bought the White Lightning and I rate that Katana extremely highly, However this Katana is the pinnacle of Katana's at the highest level, this company make and present there Katana's at the highest standard. No cheap imitations, Just the finest in all facets of this Katana, I recommend to the serious collector. I was even able to have my name engraved in Japanese on the blade, and on the other side of the blade in English the virtues I live my life by, The engraving is at the highest quality and has made my Katana unique in every way. I give this Katana a rating of 10 out of 10.


Loved it!

Posted by Sten E on 15th Apr 2013

Gorgeous Katana, battle ready, I gave it 4 stars only because it could have been made with folded steel.

Bought it as my first Katana and definitely not the last one from Guardians Vault.

Fast delivery / nicely packed.
GVA: Thankyou Sten , and thankyou for our fantastic facebook banner your designed for us - much appreciated :)

Just as a note to customers - this blade as are most are available in the folded steel format - just send a request before ordering and we can add the blade style of your choosing. Cheers . 


•Shiro Inazuma "White Lightning" - 1050CS / Hand Forged / Folded

Posted by Michael J Duncanson on 13th Mar 2013

This sword I would rate 5 stars, the workmanship is A1, down to the finest detail, I even had my name engraved on the blade in Japanese. The owner Dan was brilliant, every request I made he bent over backwards to ensure my requests were met to the best of his ability, he stayed in constant contact with me and kept me up to date on the progress of the Katana being made. With the changes I requested he has made this magnificant Katana unique. With the information I provided him he gained a sense of my personality and the Katana was forged to suit me. These swords are NOT your every day swords you see displayed in shop windows, the swords made by this company are painstakingly made with sheer passion by the sword smith. It was great dealing with this site where the customer is well informed with great communication, and the customer is well looked after, I will be getting another katana made by this company in the near future, this is how impressed I am, And I don't usually give feed back unless the item is A1. :) One very impressed customer thank you.


What an experience

Posted by Wayne F. on 19th Dec 2012

Right from the get go, I was spoiled with attention. Their service,advice and overall customer relations was excellent. Dan went over and above my expectations. Finally a company with some people skills.The product was superb and everything as it was described. Job well done.


Wish I could rate it higher!

Posted by ZSV on 5th Mar 2012

I've been looking forward to this sword for a about a month now and recieved it today. This sword is awesome! Everything about it is so appealing. This is my first Ninja-to Katana and I'm very pleased I made the purchase.
As always, Guardians Vault were extremely helpful and I recommend Dan's expertise to anyone!

Thanks Again



Posted by JD on 4th Jun 2011

Well to be completely upfront i wasnt sure what to expect as ive never bought through this site before. I checked on ebay using the link on the home page and found this sword . I decided to buy one through ebay instead to be sure and am i glad i did!!
This is by far the best sword i own now!!
I was sceptical at first but the service was excellent and the owner very helpful to answer my questions - when i opened up the package i was suprised by the awesome detail and just how nice it was compared to the pictures.
The blade is unreal, the orange paint is exactly as shown in the closeup , and the katana iself was immaculate in every detail.
Thanks for this great katana, and thankyou to Dan for putting up with my questions;)
I will definitely be back!



Posted by ZSV on 20th May 2011

I recieved this sword today and love every aspect of it. The sword has great detail and the hammon suits the sword extremely well. The features of the saya are exactly as described and you can really understand why its so unique. The blade is very sharp and polished well. Overall, I was happy with postage and the always great service.



Posted by ZSV on 3rd May 2011

I received this sword yesterday and all I can say is WOW! The moment I took it out of the packaging, it was everything I wanted. It's light, great colour and has good detail. Once you see the blade, thats a whole other story! Its very sharp, well polished and indescribable in words!
I was very happy with postage and the item was well packaged. Looking forward to future purchases!


very happy with Katana Stand

Posted by Anthony on 27th Apr 2011

I just wanted to say thanks for such a great Katana Stand. I received mine a few weeks ago and it looks great with my Katana Sword. Being able to choose the colour is so much better than the mass produced stands, you can customise it to compliment the colour of your Katana Sword. I am very happy with my Katana Stand, and will order more when I purchase another Katana Sword.


AAA+++ sword!! Fantastic seller, A1 communication, full star rating given!!!!!:) Buyer: 22-Jul-11 13:26
  Bushido Lineage / 1060CS / Full -Tang Samurai Katana  


FASTEST,FRIENDLY AND PROFESSIONAL ,Best ever 5 stars ***** ARIGATO Buyer: 21-Jun-11 12:04
  Hualee Natural Rosewood Katana / 1060CS


very good seller would buy off them again any time (excellent) Buyer: 09-Jun-11 00:09
  Hualee Rosewood Shirasaya /1060C /Samurai Katana


perfect! great service, excellent product, highly recommended! Buyer: 20-May-11 21:26
  Custom : Black Ronin / 1060CS / Unique Saya / Samurai  


Truely sick blade awesome cheers A+++ Buyer: 10-May-11 13:46
  Custom : Tokugawa Style Ninja-to Katana Dual Bo-Hi  


Awesome service, prompt and reliable service Buyer: 29-Apr-11 15:26
  Brown " Dancing Bushido" Samurai /Katana / 1055CS


Fantastic seller, was great help and communication was excellent, best service. Buyer: 27-Jan-11 21:55
  White "Sakura" Hand Made Samurai Katana 1055CS  


Very good to deal with and very informative. a pleasure. Buyer: 13-Dec-10 19:25
  Purple "Soyokaze" Soft Wind Hand Made Folded Katana


BRILLIANT! seller was a great help and goods were exactly as described Buyer: 26-Nov-10 23:10
  Ninja-to Katana Hand made full-tang Traditional style


Very Nice indeed. Thanks heaps. Highly recommended seller, great communication!! Buyer: 15-Oct-10 18:09
  Hand Made Japanese Redwood Ninja Katana T-10 Steel !!!!