Samurai Armour


Guardians Vault Australia are proud to offer the most comprehensive full line of authentic hand made, reproduction Japanese Samurai Armour (Yoroi) & Samurai Helmets (Kabuto) in the country.

 Each Samurai Armour piece is a full sized, fully authentic reproduction of the original armour. These authentic reproductions are made of iron, steel, leather, silk, cotton, brass and other materials that were traditionally used during the Sengoku era in Japan.

We can also fully customize your armour to suit your requirements.

( Sizing, Armour colour & Lace colour options available -Custom Dojo Insignia's - please email for more information)

Your armour will be forged & completed within approximately 30-90 days depending on suit type.

You will then be notified upon arrival in Australia and TNT or major courier organised for delivery to your doorstep .

We are the ONLY exclusively licensed Dealer of quality armour for the world renowned

Iron Mountain Armory  in Australia.