Kikko Gane Do Brigandine Armor

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Kikko Gane Do
Brigandine Armor

Kikko Gane Do are light weight and flexible Do (cuirass) that are worn as lightweight tatami style armor or as auxiliary armor, under the samurai warrior’s Do. This style of kikko gane armor was worn by Daimyo, all levels of samurai, as well as some wealthy merchants and possibly shinobi (ninja).

Kikko gane armor is crafted with small hexagonal pieces of iron, sewn between layers of cloth to create tightly woven form of brigandine, light  and flexible armor. The Kikko gane are is gives great protection from slashes and stabs while offering protection from blunt force trauma. This auxiliary samurai armor was typically worn as an extra layer of protection under the Samurai’s Do (cuirass). It could also be worn over the Samurai’s Do to help reduce sound while on night raids and protect the armor from scrapes while scaling walls. Or as a light weight armor over a Yoroi Hitatari, with added kabuto, kote and suneate.

Iron Mountain Armory crafts this style of kikko gane do from historical references of late Sengoku / early Edo era sets.  Using natural materials of the era, our auxiliary armor sets are historically accurate making them perfect for martial artists and historical re-enactors that want traditional kikko armor on the market. Perfect for added under armor protection for LARP and SCA members or anyone wanting extra protection during weapons training. We also offer the option to make the kusazuri / gessan (armored skirt) to be detachable, so it can be worn like a manchira armor.


  • Custom chest/waist size (fits snugly so order one size larger), custom height, color, pattern, material, and padding options.
  • Additional padding for protection from blunt weapons available.
  • Please note that this price is only for the Kikko Gane Do.  
  • Other items are sold separately. 

Ordering Tips:

4 / 5 – Chest / Waist Size – Best to order 2 cm larger on each dimension for a more comfortable fit.
C: Measure from where the chest meets the shoulder.
D: Neck to front Bend – Lowest part of your neck to your navel.
E: We suggest you start your measurement 5 cm below the armpit for a more comfortable fit.


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