Manchira Kikko Gane Do

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 Machira (Kikko Gane Do)

 The Manchira is an auxiliary chest armor typically worn under the samurai armor .  It is as a soft and flexible armor that can be worn over or under the kimono for protection, while in the street or traveling. Your custom-made Manchira can act as its own lightweight dō. It is is made up of a layered linen blend or brocade with kikko (steel hexagon plates), sewn between the cloth backings. This makes for a soft, flexible form of light armor that helps to protect the entire torso from slashes and stabs.  It was kept separate from the so it could easily be cleaned, repaired or replaced as needed. This prevents the user from having to send the entire dō in for servicing and maintenance.

Manchira were also worn by the wealthy merchant class and possibly used as a style of Shinobi (ninja) armor. It could be worn comfortably and discreetly under normal period clothing. This is an ideal training armor for modern martial artists or anyone wanting extra protection in the traditional form, or for anyone wanting a little extra protection in their day to day life from knife attacks or even in budo martial arts / bokken training.


  • Custom chest/waist size (fits snugly so order one size larger), custom height, color, pattern, material, and padding options.
  • Additional padding for protection from blunt weapons available.
  • Please note that this price is only for the Manchira(chest armor) only.  
  • The Kote (armored sleeves) and Suneate (shin guards), are sold separately.  

Ordering Tips:

4 / 5 – Chest / Waist Size – Best to order 2 cm larger on each dimension for a more comfortable fit.

C: Measure from where the chest meats the shoulder.

D: Neck to front Bend – Lowest part of your neck to your navel.

E: We suggest you start your measurement 5 cm below the armpit for a more comfortable fit.

Available in multiple colour options & custom sizes.



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