Authentic Kanji Art - Japanese Calligraphy


Kana Shindome is a professional Japanese Kanji artist with over 20 years experience in the
art form and her custom made works are now exclusively available through
Guardians Vault Australia.

 Kana first found her passion in Japanese calligraphy at the age of 7 years old due to an interest sparked by her grandmother who was taking calligraphy lessons every week.

 Upon taking up her brush & ink, it was obvious there was a hidden talent among the family as she continued to impress as a child with her art.

Pursuing her art form further, Kana joined a calligraphy club during her secondary schooling and attended class every single day after school.

Once per year an intense summer camp was held for 3 days straight for those that wished to advance their skills even higher. The physical strain was incredible and tiring as literally the students would practice their art for 3 days from the rising to the setting of the sun.

 Kana continued her works & practice after school through to employment and finds the art form extremely calming to her soul - finding her focus and ability to concentrate within the brush.

“ Helping people with my art is an absolute pleasure and I would love people to know more about Japanese calligraphy / Kanji through my works “. Kana Shindome.

 Well Kana, we are truly honoured and welcome your graceful artistic talents in Japanese calligraphy to Guardians Vault Australia.

 All works are individually hand painted using ink in the traditional style and created to suit your requirements.