Kakejiku - Japanese Wall Scroll


Japanese Hanging Wall Scroll

The Kakejiku is a Japanese hanging wall scroll used for displaying calligraphy or important artwork.
Typically hung in tokonoma (built-in alcove) or on walls, it has played a very important part in Japanese interior design since the Kamakura period.(12-14th century)

During the 14th-16th century (Muromachi Period) the Kakejiku increased significantly in popularity due to the teachings of the great tea master Sen no Rikyu.

These custom hand made Kakejiku are personally hand inked in Japanese Calligraphy by our resident professional Kanji artist Kana Shindome, and are imported directly from Japan guaranteeing your art piece a unique item.

Seen today in martial arts Dojo's , restaurants, residential homes and the offices of the business class executive.

These Kakejiku are a beautiful addition to any space of special meaning.

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