Taisho Class Samurai Armour

Taisho Class Samurai Armour

(Commander Class)


Our “Taisho Class” Armor is the next step up from our “Gashira Class” and until recently, were only sold in Japan. Each suit is meticulously handcrafted by our most experienced katchû-shi (armor smith) here at Iron Mountain Armory. We use the highest quality materials and most traditional methods possible. Each piece has been faithfully replicated from antique samurai armor purchased by Iron Mountain Armory. We do this to ensure they are as accurate and detailed to the originals in every way. Each plate is cut, shaped, smoothed, cleaned and riveted or laced by hand. The least amount of machine work is used. This class of samurai armor is made specifically for private collectors, museums, movies, historical re-enactors, martial artists and those who demand the highest detail and quality.

The Taisho class features a more traditional design over the “Gashira Class” which can only be accomplished with handcrafting. Some other features include laminated kabuto (helmet is made up of 5 or more plates handcrafted and assembled), art silk lacing, more detailed fittings, higher quality materials and the highest level of attention to detail and quality.