Uesugi Kenshin Dragon Taisho Yoroi

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Uesugi Kenshin 

Dragon Taisho Yoroi

Uesugi Kenshin – “The Dragon of Echigo” ruled the province of Echigo towards the end of the Sengoku Period (Feudal Japan).  He was widely known for his prowess in both battle and in the courts. Kenshin earned his reputation and his nickname after several clashes with the legendary “Tiger of Kai”, better known as Takeda Shingen. Both may have received these names for their interest in Sun Tzu’s work “The Art of War” and their interest in Chinese culture.  

The two Daimyo would clash five times before Takeda would succeed in the victory of Kenshi.

Uesugi Kenshin believed in the Buddhist god of war. Because of this, his men regarded him as the Avatar of Bishamonten, calling Kenshin the “God of War.” His yoroi set comes with both dragon maedate (crest) for luck and large Buddhist prayer beads for blessing.

Iron Mountain Armory will craft your Taisho class samurai armor using natural materials and traditional designs with the implementation of modern tools and techniques.

The standard colors of Uesugi Kenshin’s Dragon Armor are Black, as the dominant color with blue lacing. We offer the ability to customize it however you like, including paints, laces, material and leather in multiple colors and styles.  This beautiful samurai yoroi set is also offered in both Kachi and Gashira as well.

Features: Taisho Class crafting.

  • Full sized and fully functional.
  • Variation of paint, high quality cotton odoshi colors and traditional features.
  • Includes display box and stand.

 We are the ONLY exclusively licensed Dealer of quality armour for the world renowned Iron Mountain Armory in Australia.