Kachi Class Samurai Armour


Kachi Class Samurai Armour (Foot Soldier):

Economically handmade samurai armour with some attention to detail.

We use modern materials and techniques to create quality armor at a great price. Perfect for the samurai on a budget or those looking for an inexpensive costume for their next big event.

Materials Used: Bowl-style kabuto, steel construction, hemp, brocade, cotton, nylon, minimal fittings, faux leather and faux hair.  

(materials may differ depending on model)

Our "Kachi Class" armor was known as “munition quality armor” and is our basic entry-level model. This style was typically loaned by the Daimyo to low ranking samurai or ashigaru while on a military campaign. Iron Mountain Armory offers it in response to many of our clients who want to own a suit of Samurai armor but at a more economical price.

This class is crafted using more simplistic, modern materials, techniques and tools. The basic design won’t come with a removable nose, some brass fittings and some riveting. It also comes without the padding under the shoulders and back which typically functions to make the armor more comfortable and provide added protection. This padding can be ordered separately and added at a later time. Because the armor is made quickly, there may be slight blemishes in the paint and lacing.

The Kachi class features a basic but still traditional Gendai design.  Modern material, tools, techniques are used to make this yoroi more economical.