Gashira Class Samurai Armour


Gashira Class Samurai Armour(Officer):

Expertly handmade with quality materials and good attention to detail.

Materials Used: Bowl style kabuto, steel construction, traditional brocade, hemp, quality cotton, brass & copper fittings with genuine leather. (materials may differ depending on model)

Our “Gashira Class” yoroi are the next step up from our “Kachi Class.” Each suit is handcrafted by our experienced katchû-shi (armor smith) at the Iron Mountain Armory. Our craftsman will use quality materials and traditional crafting methods with some modern techniques and tools. Much like the Taisho Class, each suit has been heavily researched, and a lot of care is put into their historical accuracy.

The principle difference between the Gashira-class and Taisho-class, is that the Gashira Class is crafted with the practical bowl-style kabuto (simulated laminate). Our Gashira Class samurai armor is made specifically for collectors, exhibitions, re-enactors and martial artists, who want an authentic “Gendai” samurai suit of armor without the added expenses of the more traditional design and crafting methods found in our Taisho class.

The Gashira class features a more traditional Gendai design over kachi class and include features such as, real animal hair, genuine leather, removable or interchangeable nose, brass fittings, shoulder padding with kikko (armor plating), opposable thumbs, leg support on haidate, extra materials, fittings, riveting, lacing and included armor storage / display box (yoroi bitsu) with stand.