Ketsueki Mentsu Gashira Samurai Armor

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Ketsueki Mentsu Gashira Samurai Armor

The Ketsueki Mentsu Samurai were fearsome samurai of the Sengoku Era (Warring States Period), who painted their yoroi’s midnight black and blood red, giving them a nightmarish appearance as the charged their enemies from the darkness.  They would howl blood-curdling battle cries as they charged into the fray with weapons poised to bring death and destruction in their wake.

Our experienced katchû-shi (Japanese armor smith) has carefully reproduced this terrifying suit of armor in Gashira Class using natural materials, traditional designs, with some modern techniques and tools. Comes with a fearsome maedate (helmet crest) cast in brass. This sinister suit of armor features a durable hachi zunari kabuto and a detailed okegawa do. The style is like what the Ketsueki Mentsu samurai would have worn more than 460 years ago.

Standard colors of the Ketsueki Mentsu Armor are Black Uzumaki as the primary  paint complemented by the Vermilion kabuto (helmet), Menpo (mask) and Sode (shoulder guards). The entire look is finished complemented by Black and Red Lacing. We do offer the option to customize this yoroi set however you like – including paints, laces, material and leathers, mustache styles and more.  Also available in Kachi class.

Features: This yoroi features Gashira Class quality crafting.

  • Full sized and fully functional.
  • Variation of paint, high quality cotton odoshi colors and traditional features.   
  • Includes display box and stand.
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