Goruden Hotoke Gusoku

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Gōruden Hotoke Gusoku


The Gōruden Hotoke Gashira Gusoku (Golden Buddha Belly Samurai Armor) is a suit handcrafted for a Daimyo or the emperor himself. 

The hotoke dou was popular through the Momoyama and Edo period (16th ~ 19th Century) and is handcrafted from two hand rounded iron plates (front and back), giving the chest the shape of the "Buddha Belly".

The Gōruden Hotoke Gusoku features copper trimmed plating and 2 genuine pony tails, used for the hair.

                                             Our Gashira & Taisho Series armours also include a free complimentary

Yoroi Bitsu (storage box) and armour stand complete with instructions for mounting/display.




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