Deluxe Katana Stand (Katanakake) Triple Tier Natural Walnut

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Deluxe Triple Tier Katana Kake

(Sword Rack/Stand)

- Natural Walnut-

This high quality Katana kake is a hand made Triple tier stand crafted from natural walnut & treated with oil that protects the wood from moisture whilst also providing a stunning aesthetic appearance.

The stand is made specifically to display your Katana / Daisho set along with easily accommodating wooden Bokken or Jo.

Fits into any interior room or Dojo and the perfect compliment for your Japanese Katana /weapons.

The stand consists of four parts and can be easily assembled / disassembled.

Width x Height : 39 cm x 33.5 cm
Distance between sections : 27cm (10.62")
Thickness: 1,8-2 cm (0.70" - 0.78")
Material: Hardwood - Natural Walnut


Solid & aesthetically beautiful, this katanakake is a Triple tier display

allowing for either Katana / Wakizashi to be displayed & saya and blade separately for cleaning.

 These are fully hand made items.

 Please allow approximately 3-5 weeks for crafting , shipping & delivery of your order.

 Thankyou for your understanding & support.