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Our high quality Hachi-gané (armored headband) comes with kusari (chain-links). It features three chain-linked iron armored plates, or karute-gane with a double layered hachimaki (headband) for maximum protection and comfort. Your choice of material.

The Hachigane hachimaki was a small piece of flexible, or portable armor used by both samurai and the shinobi (ninja). It’s main use was to protect the warrior from cuts to the forehead. Samurai would often use this armor while in combat, dueling, travelling or during semi-formal occasions. Hachigane became a sign of status, as well as light armor protection, especially during a duel.


  • Optional Hachigane material type/texture, and color.
  • Karute-gane (folding armor of rectangular plates) with kusari (chain-links) can be painted different colors to suit your preference.
  • Mon (clan symbol) or logo can be added to center plate of your Hachigane for additional fee.