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Hannya Namanari Mask - Wall Art

Stone/Marble matte finish

3D Printed & Handpainted

 The legendary Yokai /Oni of Japanese folklore are hugely varied in appearance's but are generally portrayed as terrifying, massive ogre / orc -like creatures with horns emerging from their heads, with sharp claws , huge teeth and wild hair.

 Sometimes worn along with their Hannya 般若 mask counterparts in Noh theatre, Kabuki performances and plays the Hannya & Oni mask were frequently used during the Japanese sengoku (warring states)period.

Seen also with its influence in Japanese Samurai armour by way of the Oni / Hannya becoming a design choice for many Menpo masks (face cheek armour) among Samurai warriors of the time.

In modern Japan the Hannya which was originally designed to represent a "jealous & malevolent female spirit " and the Oni Masks originally representing "Evil demons" or Oni possessive spirts are now mostly used for festivals and to "Guard" or protect against said spirits.

Much like Gargoyles in the west, their function is now more so as protective Guardians, both for the household/businesses and oneself .


Crafted using 3D printing technology & hand painted.

 This mask is made from premium quality PLA+ (Bioplastic) material, ensuring durability and longevity.

 Materials: 3D Printed Pla+, Handpainted Acrylic/Enamel

  Width: 14 centimetres

 Height: 15.76 centimetres

Depth: 10 centimetres

Interesting notes on Hannya:

Legend has it that Hannya herself used to be an ordinary woman .

Her eyes stunning & beautiful and her skin a soft velvet tone. Her name itself a symbol of a pure soul.

Deeply wounded by the man she loved, she became overwhelmed by an unmatched rage.

Slowly replaced by jealousy and on the edge of madness, she loses her spirit in the darkness and transforms into a an Oni/Demon .

Once complete, this creature mostly attacked men in order to take her revenge. 

Depending on the degree of jealousy and anger, there are three types of Hannya demons: 

  • Hannya Namanari: This is the weakest demon of the 3, which still has a human appearance aside from two small horns. This yōkai uses black magic to quench its vengeance. Although evil, this demon still has the possibility to regain its humanity.
  • Hannya Chunari: This second type masters a more powerful black magic than the first one. Her face looks similar to that of a demon with longer horns and sharp teeth. At this stage, it is still possible to rescue her with the help of Buddhist prayers.
  • Hannya Honnari: This is the most feared and powerful Hannya Demon. Her body is transformed into that of a snake, her fingers are hooked with sharp claws, her tongue is forked and her mouth is able to spit fire. At this advanced stage, there is no way back to her a human appearance. Completely taken over,  they will remain trapped in their demon bodies.

Please allow 7 days for crafting/painting/drying

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