Happuri Mengu

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Happuri Mengu

A Happuri, or open face mask, is the term for a style of facial armor worn by the early samurai warrior class and their retainers.  Happuri were crafted from leather or iron in an upside down U shape.  This face mask would protect the forehead and cheeks when worn, without hindering the warriors vision or breathing. It was a common mengu (facial armor) for all warriors of that time from the Heian to the mid part of the Muromachi Period (794 – 1450 AD).  This Happuri is a traditional design, copied from an original Heian Era facial armor, and looks great worn in the field or displayed one of our menpo stands.


Features: Traditional design based on Heian Era face masks.


  • Full sized and functional
  • Offered in a variety of paint colors
  • Stand available  
  • Gashira quality
  • Dimensions: 17×20 cm in front, and 25 cm circumference measured from ear to ear, over the eyes.



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