Jiki Shinkage Ryu Bokken White Acacia

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White Acacia (Robinia)

- Jiki Shinkage Ryu Naginata Yo Bokken -

White Acacia

This bokken is truly a work of art.

Crafted in such a way that it helps replicate the feel of Japanese Samurai Katana, these high quality Bokken allow the practitioner to truly learn their art form comfortably  and with accurate hand positioning. It also gives the bokken a classic realistic look.

This Jiki Shinkage Ryu Naginata Yo Bokken, thin bokken - was originally designed for the practice against the Japanese Naginata.

It is sometimes used in Aïkido for “Tachi Dori”. (Using the hands in order to disarm/defend against Bokken Techniques).

This Bokken is not designed to withstand violent shocks, but rather for a fluid practice while working safely.

The blade has a very light curvature.The transition between the handle and the blade is very progressive allowing you to adjust your grip according to your feeling.

This Bokken is processed with natural oil, which protects it from moisture and dirt.



Length: 101.5 cm (40")
Material: White Acacia (Robinia)

Blade length: 77 cm (30")
Tsuka length: 24.5 cm (9.6")
Tsuka diameter: 39х21 mm (1.5"x0.8")
Weight: ~ 450-500 g
Janka Hardness: 1,630 lbf (7,260 N)

Robinia wood (White Acacia) has high strength characteristics, wear resistance significantly exceeding that of oak and ash.

The color of the tree is yellow or olive green, the fibers are straight and sharply noticeable.

Acacia shows all its advantages as much as possible, because it can serve for many years, withstanding high loads, without being erased and without losing the original attractiveness of the texture.

* Weapon Stand/Holder is not included.

These are fully hand made items.

Please allow approximately 4-6 weeks for crafting , shipping & delivery of your order.

Thankyou for your understanding & support.