Juban Shitagi (Undershirt)

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Juban Shitagi

The Juban Shitagi is a traditional Japanese shirt, worn under kimono, as a causal shirt or pajama top. 

Traditionally the juban shitagi would be worn under the kimono to help keep the samurai cool and to prevent their sweat from damaging the outer kimono top they wear. 

In home samurai would often wear this traditional under shirt as a casual shirt, while lounging in their home or while they sleep.  Today, modern warriors wear juban shitagi under their Iaido Gi, Kendo Gi or as a light training Gi top. They also make for a traditional casual top, great for hot, humid summer nights.

Traditional cut juban come down to your hip area.  However if you would like a longer length, you can select “Custom Size” and have your traditional shitagi made custom for you.  Commonly worn under a Traditional Hakama-Shita.


  • Traditional design
  • Optional 100% cotton colors
  • Custom sizing



Note: This is handmade in the USA so please allow 30 ~ 45 days for delivery.