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The Kari-Ebira was a more common “open framed” light quiver. The arrows were secured with a thong, twisted around them or wedged into the ridged bottom. The base was normally a box or a basket. It was favored by many samurai because it was light, easy to transport and could be worn or seated on the ground.  

Typically a Kari Ebira could be worn by foot samurai. It was used for both hunting and war. On occasion it was used by some mounted samurai or carried by their retainers. Handcrafted from wood, capable of holding more than a dozen ja (arrows) depending on the yajiri (tip). Some styles of kari-ebira quivers were covered with fur (optional) and called Sakatsura quivers.

Keeping with our own habits, Iron Mountain Armory has recreated the kari-ebira in a both a traditional yet economical way.  We also offer your the option of choosing a mon, or your own logo to be painted onto the ebira box.  (Default Option: Black with Gold Dragonfly).

Features: Handcrafted in traditional manner, from wood and twine.  

  • Traditional design
  • Fully functional
  • Can be custom ordered with paint, rope and mon color / configuration