Kayaku Ire / Koyaku Ire (Gunpowder Flask)

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Kayaku Ire (Powder Flask) and Koyaku Ire 

Kayaku Ire (Powder Flask) and Koyaku Ire (Small Dust Container) are essential elements of the Teppo Tai (Japanese Gunners or Riflemen).

The kayaku is the flask used to contain the main powder charge, when there was no hayago (fast-loading tube).The gunpowder course in the kayaku ire was poured down the teppo canon, followed by a wadding, iron ball, and then hit with the karuka (ramrod).

The koyaku ire is a smaller flask used to hold the finer gun powder that was poured in a small amount into the covered container.

Both kayaku and koyaku ire are often made of lacquered or pumpkin wooden flasks and can be ornately decorated. To recreate or display the wrath (jar) of kayaku (gunpowder) along with the hayago and the doran, it is essential to have them as accessories with your teppo.

There are several different designs and materials for the original samurai powder flasks, however, gourd is probably more common and available in greater abundance. The Gourd can also be used as a sui-tou (traditional canteen).

Iron Mountain Armory manufactures by hand these ire kayaku and koyaku from local gourds, using natural rope and a bamboo plug, equipped with a rubber ring to aid in a secure fit.

Your samurai clan mon or your custom logo / mon may be burned on the side for a small fee – select one of our many options or respond to your order with the image of the symbol you want and we will be happy to customize your jar for you. Please note that this option may add some extra time to the order processing time.

Specifications :

  • Traditional and natural
  • Can be used for drinking, wearing, displaying
  • Average Kayaku Ire (Powder Flask) dimensions: 15 ~ 20 cm high by 8 ~ 10 cm wide / holds 220 ~ 250 grams
  • Average Koyaku Ire (Small Dust Container) dimensions: 10 ~ 14cm high by 6 ~ 8cm wide / holds 510 ~ 565 grams

Both Ire (jars) are handmade by Iron Mountain Armory at the time of your order.

Items are seasonal and there may be some delay.