"Kurayami" / 1075 Folded CS / Black Folded Blade - Crimson Streaked

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GV305C - KYI
$35.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

"Kurayami" - The Darkness .....Custom Samurai Katana

Please Note: Our Black folded blade(red streaks) is currently unavailable.......Our identically forged red/black blade will be used. :)

To view this blade please see our Legendary Oni - link below:

" Legendary Oni " / 1075 Folded CS / Titanium Treated

 This gorgeous katana is handforged of  beautiful 1075 Folded High Carbon steel and is Titanium Treated to form a stunning polished solid black blade with crimson streaking its length  - achieved during the forging process. (10 Fold Process)

Custom designed by GVA, the Kurayami is one special blade.

Suitable for the hands of a professional only, in martial arts demonstrations and for the walls / sword cabinets /racks of collectors.

Outstanding attention to detail , authentic ray-skin on the Tsuka (Black) with black cotton Ito wrap of fantastic quality.

The Saya is hardwood with a deliberate matt black sheen finish as oppossed to lacquer ,  with Black Japanese imported Silk sageo to match the tsuka.

Dragon Menuki adorn this Tsuka and are set on both sides of the Tsuka at an equal setting unlike the offset style of the typical Hineri Maki wrap.

A note about the Tsuka, this one has been wrapped differently in what is known as the Katate Maki style or sometimes referred to as a "battle wrap".

Starting out with the standard Hineri Maki style then leading into the Katate Maki and finally finishing up with Hineri again at the bottom.

An older form/style of wrap,  absolutely breathtaking and also favoured by the single handed style practitioners of the period--- as well as being equally

as ready for two handed combat.

The Tsuba & fittings feature the Night Dragon & Dark Ocean Giant Squid. Both silent amongst their environment , proficient and deadly predators.

The Dragon signifying raw power, with its sleek muscular body , sharp claws and blade like teeth and the Dark Ocean Squid signifying speed , stealth & the

unknown - fast, unseen and poisonous.  The two highlight this custom blade to perfection.


The blade is sharpened to fine/sharp and is highly polished using multiple grade stones and ready to turn heads with its incredible black blade.

A black with red folded blade, 1075 folded high carbon steel, stunningly polished,  Incredible attention to detail & more

than pictures can show !!!

Cannot recommend this blade enough - not enough words to describe its beauty.

This Katana is rediculous to photograph and almost impossible to catch the right light - 

The "Kurayami"  (The Darkness") - Definitely  holds true to its name being at home in the Shadows -  this katana is a work to be admired !!


The weight is just 1.2kgs.



 Overall Length:     103 cm

 Blade   Length:      72 cm

 Handle Length:      27 cm 

 Blade: AISI 1075 Folded Carbon Steel Black / Mixed

 Saya :  High quality hardwood Saya

 Blade Collar / Spacer: Brass (Black Painted)

 Handle :Genuine ray skin / Hardwood


( Amount of crimson in blade varies, as is dependant on polishing during forging -  from solid black to highly streaked )


Warning: These swords are illegal/restricted in some states/areas, if u are unsure please contact your local authorities to confirm legalities. By purchasing this item you confirm that you understand and have conformed to all laws within your state/territory. We will not be held responsible or liable for any reason of non-compliance.

7 Reviews

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    Beautiful Sword. Amazing Service.

    Posted by Jason McMillan on 18th Jul 2018

    Couldn't be happier with my purchase. The 'Kurayami' is a beautiful sword, with a truly unique look & the customer service from Dan & Guardians Vault was second to none.

    This is my first decent katana & since I have no martial arts training it is going to be an ornamental piece for me. I am amazed at its quality, I'm no expert but the sword & it's fittings are obviously well made. The Ito & Sageo wraps are tight, the sword fits tightly in its Saya with no rattle, & there is a satisfying click as you push the sword in or out accordingly. I really recommend anyone pay extra for the wooden storage box as I did, it's almost as nice as the sword itself.

    There was a delay in delivery as the forge sent my order to Austria instead of Australia, but Dan took it upon himself to commission a new blade to be made at his own expense so the wait would be minimised. That's the kind of service you'll get from this guy, just exemplary, & he is happy to correspond via email with you throughout the process regardless of what additional queries you may have.

    You might be thinking (as I was) of going directly to the forge with a potential order to save some money. I made the decision to support Dan & Guardians Vault with my purchase because of the peace of mind that comes with dealing through a business that does this regularly. No hassles with customs, excellent customer service, & a beautiful sword at the end of the transaction. Well worth the money spent. Thank you Dan & Guardians Vault Australia.

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    Absolutely Impeccable from contact to delivery

    Posted by shane roberts on 5th Aug 2017

    I am unable to rate my experience with Dan & Guardians Vault high enough. The service, information & help Dan provided was way above and beyond any expectations one could have. It's rare to deal with someone so honourable and passionate. Thank you Dan.

    The Kurayami is an awesome katana, I was amazed by the look and quality when I first opened it. The care taken in packaging, attention to detail and craftsmanship is flawless and flowing. Brilliant design and balance when moving through the air for me, I love it. Stunning and beautiful.

  • 5
    Kurayami - highly recommended

    Posted by Alycia on 12th Jul 2017

    I am utterly blown away with how amazing this sword is – beautifully constructed and presented, right down to the protective packaging it arrived in.

    Nothing compares to the individuality of this Sword, the black blade is absolutely breathtaking.

    Everyone that I have shown the sword to have had the same reaction, they cannot believe the attention to detail that has been put into this Katana!

    Thank you Dan!!!

  • 5
    Amazing Sword

    Posted by Conrad Peleti on 13th Dec 2016

    Amazing communication from the seller and excellent craftsmanship, Would recommend

  • 4

    Posted by LL on 5th Sep 2016

    Love the look and feel, looking forward to comparing it to another pricier piece

  • 5
    Kurayami, a blade worthy of its name

    Posted by Phil on 22nd Jun 2015

    This was the first time I have bought a Katana, so I was very paranoid on whether I would get some cheaply made product. However, upon enquiring about this with Dan I knew I had come to the right place. Anyway, I am truly impressed with the quality of this sword. It is a very beautiful and unique design, it's greatest feature being the black coloured carbon steel blade (and no it is not painted black) with the red streaks running through it. Fittings are snug and overall very well put together. I cannot find any fault with this blade. Thank you Dan for this beautiful work of art.

  • 5
    Buy one... Then you'll understand.

    Posted by Mick on 4th Jun 2013

    Received this today... Service was amazing as usual dan! right down to the packaging, I mean come on guys, what more could you want. Top service, great packaging, amazing prices and to top it all off... What a fine blade it is, I mean... When I pulled this baby out.. All I can think about was how sexy this really is to hold. To appreciate this blade, you much appreciate the steel. That blade... Just screams kurayami. Thanks guardians vault and thanks again dan.. Once again.. Wow, my mind got blown :D