Lord Oni Maul - Dark Assassin of the Samurai Japanese Hannya Oni Facemask

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High Quality Fibreglass

Lord Oni Maul

Dark Assassin of the Samurai

 Hannya / Oni Facemask

It is said that the Samurai trained to have no fear and to have that of a still mind.

In most cases this was the true way for they were formidable warriors, but there was one who caused much fear among the fearless for both his skill and relentlessness towards his prey.

They called him the Oni Mōru or Demon Maul or the Dark Assassin of the Samurai.

His legendary dual bladed Gyaku Naginata, skills and deadly arts were feared by all and the mere mention of his name sure to incite both silence & panic for none were safe.

There were a few Samurai warriors however who believed him to be neither that of a man , nor of an Oni spirit.

For in ancient scrolls, there is speak of one that bares the appearance of a Demon from a long time ago - in a land far far away!

The legendary Oni of Japanese folklore are hugely varied in appearance's but are generally portrayed as terrifying, massive ogre / orc -like creatures with horns emerging from their heads, with sharp claws , huge teeth and wild hair.

 Sometimes worn along with their Hannya 般若 mask counterparts in Noh theatre, Kabuki performances and plays the Hannya & Oni mask were frequently used during the Japanese sengoku (warring states)period.

Seen also with its influence in Japanese Samurai armour by way of the Oni / Hannya becoming a design choice for many Menpo masks (face cheek armour) among Samurai warriors of the time.

Having a half-mask (Menpo) designed to strike fear into men on the battlefield would surely be advantageous in securing a victory and also a sign of strength & prestige for the individual , for Samurai Armour was not cheap.

In modern Japan the Hannya which was originally designed to represent a "jealous & malevolent female spirit " and the Oni Masks originally representing "Evil demons" or Oni possessive spirts are now mostly used for festivals and to "Guard" or protect against said spirits.

Much like Gargoyles in the west, their function is now more so as protective Guardians, both for the household/businesses and oneself .



Handmade & Skillfully Painted from Original Carvings

Full sized 

100% wearable

High Quality Fiberglass Construction Direct from the Artisan

Size Details:

Width: 16.5cm 

Height: 25.5cm

Depth: 10cm

Fits nearly all adult head sizes.
Padding : A basic soft padding is lined on the inside of the mask for comfort.

Straps : Straps are attached & are adjustable to allow for better fitting to your face.
Material : Made from high quality fiberglass.
Eyes : Steel mesh is available at no extra cost to cover the eyes if requested.

Masks take approx. 11-21 days shipping from crafting to your doorstep.

  We are the ONLY exclusive Dealer of the Oni/Hannya Mask in Australia with permission given directly by the Artisan.

If you see these masks advertised elsewhere in Australia, they are fake cheap copies made in Chinese factories, please be aware.