Waraji-Gake Tabi

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Waraji-Gake Tabi

Waraji Gake Tabi (Warabi kaki 草鞋掛け) are traditional style of Japanese tabi cut from cotton linen that is to be worn together with the Waraji Sandals. A new pair of waraji sandals can be quite itchy on the feet and this pair of socks makes wearing them very comfortable.  The Waraji Gake Tabi Socks date back to the 15th century, typically ankle-high and with a separation between the big toe and the others.  They are traditionally worn with waraji (straw sandals), zōri (flat sandals), geta (platform clogs), and other traditional thonged footwear. Tabi are also essential with traditional clothing kimono and other wafuku as well as being worn by samurai in the Feudal Era.

Features: Traditionally crafted, cut from Japanese linen, then sewn from cloth and are open at the back ankle area; so they can be slipped on and fastened.  Available in both Japanese linen or poly-cotton (for a snug fit).  

Iron Mountain Armory hand makes these traditional samurai toe socks from quality asa (hemp or cotton linen), similar to what was used during the late Sengoku to late Edo era. These traditional tabi are perfect for the modern martial artists, re-enactors, cosplay, larp, sca and for those just wanting to add a bit of traditional style to their modern life. Custom sizing and materials help make your traditional samurai socks special and unique to you and/or group.

Many martial artists are finding wearing waraji gake-tabi helps bring focus to their footing and makes a great traditional accessory to their traditional hakama.

We do offer a modern poly cotton material to help for a better and more snug fit.

Ordering Tips: The Waraji Gake-Tabi are snug fittings without stretch, so we recommend adding at least 1.5 ~ 2 cm to your actual measurements for a more comfortable fit.


  • Traditional, comfortable design
  • Fully functional
  • Custom Sock sizing available