Bugyo Suji-Bachi Taisho Kabuto

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Bugyo Suji-Bachi Taisho Kabuto 

The Bugyo Suji-Bachi Kabuto is a “ridged” bowl-style helmet crafted with multiple plates (kens) of steel, which are meticulously shaped by hand to join with the next identical plate. These are all riveted together forming the shape of a hachi (bowl).  The suji-bachi kabuto was the principle style of kabuto worn by high ranking samurai and Daimyo throughout the entire Sengoku Jidai (warring state period).

This particular Suji Bachi kabuto is masterfully crafted at Iron Mountain Armory. It features raised ridges or “ribs” showing where the helmet plates join together, and are then riveted in place.  The bugyo (rivets) can be filed flat for a smooth finish at your request.   You can order your bugyo suji-bachi kabuto with your preference of mengu (facial armor), menpo (half face with nose) or hanbo (lower face). 

Features:  Traditional handcrafted design. Taisho Class.

  • Variation of paint, art silk odoshi colors and mengu designs.
  • Full sized and fully functional.
  • Includes portable stand.



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