Ko-Gashira Hari-Bachi Taisho Kabuto

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Ko-Gashira Hari-Bachi Taisho Kabuto

Our Ko-Gashira Hari-Bachi Kabuto is a Taisho Class helmet crafted with multiple plates of steel. It is meticulously shaped by hand to join each with the next plate forming the shape of a bowl.  This particular hari-bachi, we call Ko-Gashira (mid ranking samurai – Lieutenant) and features Kata jiro (decorative metal designs between the suji of a helmet bowl) and is adorned with a removable yak “pony tail,” to symbolize the saihai(commander’s baton) used to direct troops.  The Ko-Gashira would dictate the orders of the Taisho (general) to his troops and move them as if by the very hand of his lord.  You can order your Ko-Gashira Hari-Bachi Kabuto with your choice of mengu (facial armor).  The menpo (half face with nose) is the most iconic style of mengu.  The hanbo (lower face – as pictured)was armor that simply protected the samurais cheeks and chin from the rope ties of the kabuto. This left his face open to easily shout commands to his troops and not restrict his view or breathing.  

Features:  Traditional handcrafted design. Taisho Class Ko-Gashira.

  • Variation of paint, art silk odoshi colors and mengu designs.ull sized and fully functional.
  • Includes Deluxe Stand and Kabuto Bitsu (storage / display box).


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