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FOR HONOR-"KENSEI" 1/4 scale

To commemorate 20th Anniversary of ART OF WAR

We are Proud to present to you on behalf of Kensin - Art of War© & Ubisoft Entertainment©

The First Series, Kensei

The Kensei all aspire to be living incarnations of Bushido, the Samurai “way of the warrior”.
He is ready to die for their emperor and for their fellow Samurai. The masters of the martial arts, the Kensei fights with a deady blade known as the Nodachi and wears Samurai armour befitting legend.

The armor of the Kensei is reproduced on the base of the larger armors (armor worn by the senior samurai of the Kamakura Period) and has been attractively sculpted as a fantasy product. We have reproduced the Kensei carefully to bring the texture of Japanese armor to reality with a great combination of iron and wood, lacquer, leather, silk etc. in a real imagining form.

In order to bring the texture in the battle surcoat, it has been reproduced using the shape of real battle surcoat.
To show the traces of many battles & wounds caused by katana, damage & dirt is applied to the whole body simulating attacks by that of the samurai & enemies weapons.

While looking at the Kensei from the front, his menacing stare and intentions are clear as he is confronts the ferocity of the oncoming battle without fear.

The huge Nodachi blade(approx. size of about 37.5 cm)
Normally designed to kill the opponent on horseback or the horse itself, though the Kensei had mastered them in hand to hand combat in their own heavy style.

*Limited Manufacture to 50 pcs only (First Run Worlwide)

Full Size: approx. 1/4 scale (H) 60 cm (W) 34.5 cm x (B) 19cm
Full Length: (H) 60 cm (including the sword), (H) 42 cm (excluding sword up to the helmet of the Kensei)
Net Weight: approx. 4.3 kg
Material: Polystone, some parts has special polystone to enhance elasticity.
Serial Number (in nameplate): No.1 〜No.50
Originated by © 2017 Ubisoft Entertainment.
Manufactured by ART OF WAR




Attachments serial number nameplate (No. 1 〜 50)
Full Size Full Size: approx. 1/4 scale (H) 60 cm (W) 34.5 cm x (B) 19cm
Materials Polystone and aome parts has special polystone to enhance elasticity.
Estimated Delivery Date around 7-10 days after the confirmation of payment
Released Date July 12th, 2017!
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