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DATE MASAMUNE 1/4 scale 

Japanese Fine Art by KENSIN©
Oshu's largest feudal lord- the image of the young military commander :Date Masamune.

Date Masamune was a legendary Samurai warrior and leader of whom was solidified in battle from a very young age.

At the early age of 18, Date Masamune became a successful Daimyo and was Noshiagari in Oshu's largest feudal lords.

Masamune for the most part served the Tokugawa and Toyotomi loyalty. He took part in the Osaka campaigns, (the summer campaign of the siege of Osaka) and contributed to the victory.

The artist, Unnou Souhaku, carefully researched all facets of the Yoroi and Japanese armour with the collection of materials available in Sendai city, Japan. Every detail of the armor is carefully designed and the true concept of the Samurai has been reflected in this beautiful peice.

After conducting extensive research on the Sengoku period, Guardians Vault Australia through Kensin Co., LTD® is proud to present this high quality statue of Date Masamune. This original pose is our interpretation of how he expressed his life throughout the Sengoku Period.

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Attachments Exclusive box, a namestand ""銘 五枚胴具足 伊達政宗公", serial number
Maximum Manufacture Limited Manufacture to only 50 pcs worldwide.(No.1- No.50)
Serial Number No.1- No. 50
Full Size W32cm x D30cm x H51 cm (including the base)
Materials Polystone, special polystone used for superior quality,strings, metal