Uesugi Kensin - Battle of Kawanakajima

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Uesugi Kensin

  The Battle of Kawanakajima 

Vermillion Battle Surcoat Version

This works represents the most famous scene at the Battle of "Kawanakajima", which is famous for its fierceness.

Fighting in the vanguard, Kensin unbelievably dashed into Shingen's main camp with only a few troops. Most of our efforts have been made to recreate the vivid feeling of adrenalin when Kensin waved around his sword at his rival, Shingen, on horseback.

Kensin believed deeply in Buddhism and even thought himself the incarnation of Buddha. In order to represent Kensin's magnetism, we have added golden color to Kensin's armor and clothes and also recreated the katana without its tsuba. Only people who do not fear being hurt will use a katana without a tsuba, which is the part of a katana protecting one's hand from rival's sword in battles and ones own hand from slipping along the blade.

On the base of the works, you can see the Japanese word, which was Kensin's symbol/Mon painted on the troops' flag.

The statue of Kensin is excellent by itself,  though perfectly complimented together with Shingen's statue, the fighting scene can be represented completely and it will give you the feeling of being at a live performance.

The helmet is made with the reference of the actual armor of "Uesugi Kensin" which is placed in the Uesugi Shrine (Yonezawa shi, Yamagata Prefecture of Japan). We have created the helmet part (miniature form) based on the historical documents of the real helmet.

ART KENSIN Classic Historical Figures has three characteristics:
●According to the Japanese armor’s expert supervision, there is a detail accurate representation of the image.
●It is made suitable for interior and the sense of unity scale size (Total height 10〜15cm)
●High grade sensation color painting is done. (Our skillful artisans paint every item with hand brushes carefully.
Our products were the first historical figures which was faithfully reproduced to show the appearance of the famous Samurai warriors of the Sengoku Period.


Full Size W155×D60×H155(mm)
Materials Polystone, PU
Total Weight approx. 600g
Originated & Manufactured KENSIN Co, Ltd/ Made in Japan