Iki-Ningyo Kabuto Stand #1 (Life Like Display)

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Iki-Ningyo Stand #1
(Life Like Display)

Iki-Ningyo (living doll) is a very realistic, life-sized head. It was believed to have become popular during the Meiji Period as the samurai class was abolished. During this time samurai armor was retired from battle and put on display in museums and homes around the world.

The Iki Ningyo could consist of the head only or full body and were used to portray what samurai had looked like while wearing their armor. Some of the faces looked like the samurai who may have worn the armor or had a more “cartoon-like” face with embellished almond shaped eyes. This cartoon face may have been influenced by the woodblock prints of samurai.

Examples of iki ningyo appear in many collections throughout the world, from the Stibbert Museum in Italy to the Metropolitan Museum in New York, and the Royal Armouries in England.

Iron Mountain Armory’s custom Iki-Ningyo Head Stands are made from medical grade silicone, giving them the look and feel of a human face. Since we are sticklers for detail, our iki-ningyo head is also weighted like a real head as well. The head comes as seen. You can add makeup to change its look and coloring. The eyes and hair are realistic and can be changed with ease.

The head can be purchased with our without a specially crafted metal stand, which is sized and weighted, with non-slip / scuff bottom, to keep your kabuto well balanced and tip-over proof. The stand neck can also be easily adjusted in height, up to 45 CM tall. Display your antique or reproduction Kabuto, European Helmet or any headgear you like with the character and style it is supposed to have. It will certainly be noticed by all that see it!


  • Model 1 of 2.
  • Life like look, feel & weight.
  • Made from medical grade silicone.
  • Includes head, hair and custom stand only


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