Kaymon Gashira Samurai Kabuto

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Kaymon Samurai Kabuto

The Kaymon Samurai Kabuto is crafted in the zunari style kabuto (5 iron plate design) with a hand carved wooden crest.  The zunari were made with a broad central plate to which the koshimaki and visor were riveted. Another two broad plates formed the bowl (hachi). The shikorowas from three to five U-shape lamellae, laced with simple sugake-odoshi. This style of kabuto was very popular during the end of the Sengoku Jidai and was a very robust, effective and attractive design. 
     This is a handcrafted, authentic reproduction of traditional Japanese zunari style kabuto made by the Iron Mountain Armory similar to the originals made 400+ years ago. Each kabuto is supplied with the matching menpo and a portable kabuto stand, to be proudly displayed. The kabuto is wearable and fully functional.  

     Features: Made from 18 gauge iron, battle ready, cotton lining and custom wooden stand.  Fits most adult heads, size range of 56 to 63 cm

Height: 45.7 cm
Width: 35.5 cm
Depth: 35.5 cm
Weight: 3.17 kg (with stand)

Each piece is hand made and therefore might differ very slightly to pictures.


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