Nodowa Taisho

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Nodowa is a “bib like” neck protector composed of a U shaped plate armor that hangs from the neck covering the chest and throat area. In the West it is known as a Gorget, and was considered under armor or auxiliary / optional armor, worn by the samurai of Feudal Japan, in addition to the standard armor parts.  Simply put, Nodowa is a neck protection that is composed of metal, fabric and/or leather.  While providing extra protection to the samurai, it did reduce neck movement.

Our Taisho Class Nodowa Samurai Nodowa are crafted using 20 gauge steel and feature a cotton lace which ties behind the neck to hold the neck protector securely in place. The nodowa can fit under your existing menpo or looks great displayed alone, mounted on your wall or displayed on a mantel, restaurant, office, worn for decoration, re-enactment or part of a costume.

Our handmade Nodowa feature real steel construction in a variety of colors with a cotton cord strap. Full sized and fully functional, each piece is traditionally handcrafted and may differ slightly from those shown.