Odoshi Gashira Samurai Gusoku

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Odoshi Gashira Samurai Gusoku

This beautiful Odoshi Gashira Samurai Gusoku (laced suit of armor) was worn in combat by the high-ranking samurai during the late Muromachi – Sengoku Period. Our Gashira class model is crafted with a Tosei Okegawa Ni-mai Do (hinged 2 piece breastplate) and is made from 14 individual steel armored plates that are hand laced together with high quality odoshi (cotton lace). Total assembly takes over 50 hours.  

The O-Sode (Shield like shoulder armor), features a colorful kebiki-odoshi style lacing (also referred to as “full lacing”) which our crafters are happy to custom color for you, in varying patterns or shapes.  This colored lacing gives the armor a beautiful vibrant appearance, much like the classic samurai in the legends.  

These genuine leather overlays are painted with traditional Japanese patterns or they can be printed to your custom design (please ask us for details).  The armor plates feature a decorative metal trim called “fukurin”.   Even the mon (clan symbol) of the maedate (helmet crest) can be customized upon your request.   

As with all of our Gashira series samurai armor, the Odoshi Samurai Gusoku is handmade by our skilled katchû-shi  (Japanese armor smith) here at Iron Mountain Armory. We offer many different customization options that our armor smiths are happy to do for you.  

Features: Gashira Class crafting.

  • Full sized and fully functional.
  • Variation of paint, high quality cotton odoshi colors and traditional features.
  • Includes display box and stand.


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