Red Oak Wooden Bo Staff (72" - 180cm)

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Red Oak Bo Staff (72" - 180cm)

The Red Oak Bo Staff is not an average Bo staff weapon. It is said to be an "extension of one's limbs" in traditional martial arts such as karate.

The red oak bo staff has a clean red oak non-tapered finish that means it has a 3cm diameter thickness throughout its length.

It is made of hard and durable wood, heavier than any materials, making it a perfect training tool for practicing semi-contact sparring, strength training, and spinning drills.

This powerful Red Oak Bo staff is one of the market leaders in bo staff weapons serving martial artists for over three decades. 

  • Excellent tool for striking, blocking and sweeping opponents.
  • Has a clean red oak finish
  • Straight, non-tapered 
  • Length: 180cm-long staff
  • Diameter Width: 3cm all throughout its length
  • Serves as an aid for practice and demonstrations