Tiger Style DLX Rattan Bo Staff (72" - 180cm)

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Tiger Style DLX Rattan Bo Staff (72" - 180cm)

The Tiger burn deluxe Bo staff is the ideal weapon for the skilled practitioners who prefers to train with a long staff in weapons class.

The deluxe rattan Bo staff with tiger-burn markings is lighter and more flexible than traditional oak Bo Staffs.

Perfect for practicing forms, demonstrations, spinning, sweeping and sparring, the rattan Bo Staff can also be used to block and strike able to absorb impact when struck.

Our Tiger burn Bo Staff is hand-carved from natural rattan and is a slightly irregular shape which means each Bo is unique and may vary from one another.

  • Great for demonstrations and light sparring
  • Lighter than the traditional Oak Bo Staff
  • Tiger burn markings/patterns
  • Material: Constructed with hardwood rattan
  • Length: 180cm
  • Diameter: 2.5cm
  • Serves as an aid for practice and demonstration