Shinku Saya Mahogany Katana

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Shinku Saya

Mahogany Katana

The Shinku Saya (Crimson Scabbard) Mahogany Katana is a classic !

Featuring a beautiful Mahogany blade & Black coloured ito /sageo wrap with multicoloured tachi style mounting .

Although traditionally mounted to a longer Japanese tachi blade (primarily used for horseback), this allows the katana to be mounted blade down on the obi/sarashi/waistline like its older big brother and also makes for a stunning display.

Not to mention this Wooden artisan katana has an incredible looking alloy Tsuba & fittings.

Our High quality Wooden Artisan Katana range are crafted in such a way as to help replicate the look & feel of the classic Japanese Samurai Katana.

These stunning wood katana are not designed for full contact training like our traditional Bokken but retain all the beautiful aesthetic features of the traditional Japanese katana without the danger of a live "carbon steel" blade.

Perfectly suited for :

- Martial Arts Students / Iaido Practitioners -

Allows students to learn their art form / drawing techniques safely and comfortably while maintaining the classic look / feel of a traditional katana.

Excellent for younger students learning the responsibility blade handling.

- Cosplay / Festivals -

Perfectly suited for Cosplay.

Ever wanted/needed a real Samurai katana to complete your awesome Cosplay look but carrying a "real blade" is not a safe/legal option?

- Gifts / Collection -

The perfect surprise gift for those that like their gifts to have a little "edge" to them ...but not too much edge ;)

- Display / Decoration -

Want to add a touch of the warrior class to a Japanese themed room in your home or office without safety complications ?

Our quality wood katana range is absolutely stunning and an excellent safe alternative for displays, stalls, home decor & decoration.

Crafted from a variety of high quality stunning woods including Bamboo, Rosewood & Mahogany.

Materials and fittings used for the Tsuba, Habaki, Blade, Saya, Sageo & Ito etc include:

Alloy fittings, Brass, Copper, Cotton, Hybrid Silk, Leather, Synthetic Leather



Length: 103 cm (40.55")
Material: Mahogany (Swietenia)

Blade length: 73 cm (28.74")

Blade Width: 3.2 cm (1.26")

Blade Thickness: 0.7 cm (0.27")
Tsuka length: 27 cm (10.63")


These are fully hand made items.

Please allow approximately 4-6 weeks for crafting , shipping & delivery of your order.

Thank you for your understanding & support.