Tanegashima Tantutu (Pistol)

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Tanegashima Tantutu 

The Japanese matchlock was introduced to Japan by the Portuguese during the Sengoku period (warring state period).  Originally called teppó, it was later known by the name Tanegashima, named after the island Tanegashima who was governed by 16 year old Tanegashima Tokitaka (1528–1579).


Our Tanegashima tantutu (pistol) are handmade in Japan using wood for the dai (stock), brass for the jiita (plating) and zinc alloy for the tsutsu (barrel)

It is crafted to look and feel like a real Tanegashima matchlock and to meet import laws for most countries, which is why it is a non-functional replica. Although the powder box and be open, the trigger can be pulled and the hammer will drop, it cannot be made to fire.

A beautiful antique replica of the finest quality and a perfect addition to any Samurai Warrior's Armoury!



Barrel Length:     39cm

Handle/Grip Length:     27cm

Overall Length:     67cm

Materials:  Wood, Brass, Zinc Alloy  

Authentic Reproduction - Full Sized - Highest quality

Hand Made and Imported from Japan.


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