"Utsukushii Ha" / 1095 High Carbon Steel / Clay Tempered / Carved Shell Saya

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GVA "Utsukushii Ha" - Beautiful Edge .....Custom Clay Tempered Samurai Katana

 This gorgeous katana is handforged of  beautiful 1095 High Carbon steel and is Clay Tempered to form a stunningly individual Hammon on a

 highly polished quality blade - designed by Guardians Vault Australia.

 Let me just start out by saying one thing : This blade is ridiculously hard to photograph !!

 After many arduous days of work - trying to photograph the beauty of the clay tempered hammon , the colours of the saya , and hand carved

 /engraved shell i realised it did not matter how hard i tried - This one was not going to be captured in all its full beauty.


Suitable for the hands of a professional only, in martial arts demonstrations and for the walls / sword cabinets /racks of collectors.

Outstanding attention to detail , authentic ray-skin on the Tsuka (Black) with black cotton Ito wrap of fantastic quality.

The Saya is hardwood with an absolute incredible triple lacquer finish over top of hand carved / inlaid ocean shell  with Black Japanese imported Silk sageo to match the tsuka. The ocean shell looks ridiculously gorgeous inlaid beneath the plum colured saya and is a work of art within itself, very hard to see without looking at it in person - imagine the inside of a pearl shell.

Bamboo Style Menuki and High Quality Copper fittings adorn the Tsuba & Fuchi/Kashira. The Tsuba itself features stunning leaves in an overlaid pattern formation

painted in gold & silver.


The blade is sharpened to fine/sharp and is highly polished using multiple grade stones and ready to turn heads with its incredible clay tempered edge!!

There is also no Bo-hi on this blade (lightening groove) which makes it a very very nice weight for those that like their katana with a great centre of gravity and a fuller feeling blade.

A custom , 1095  high carbon steel, clay tempered individual hammon , incredible shell inlaid- triple lacquered saya with japanese silk ito.

More than pictures can show and entirely not enough words to describe,  pure beauty. !!!

This is one of THE nicest katana i have had the pleasure of handling in recent times and i must say : I personally love this katana - its style & class is unparalleled.

The weight is just 1.4kgs.



 Overall Length:     103 cm

 Blade   Length:      72 cm

 Handle Length:      27 cm 

 Blade: AISI 1095 High Carbon Steel - Clay Tempered/Hardened

 Saya :  High quality hardwood Saya, Hand Engraved / Ocean Shell Inlaid, Triple lacquered

 Handle :Genuine ray skin / Hardwood


Warning: These swords are illegal/restricted in some states/areas, if u are unsure please contact your local authorities to confirm legalities. By purchasing this item you confirm that you understand and have conformed to all laws within your state/territory. We will not be held responsible or liable for any reason of non-compliance.

Victorian customers MUST have proper VHEWG membership / permits no exceptions.

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    Perfect sword! Perfect service!

    Posted by Jeremy.M on 13th Aug 2013

    This blade is beyond any I have had the chance to hold and own myself.
    It's weighted perfectly, its style is elegant and you can tell from the moment you see it, it has had an incredible amount of authentic effort and care put into its construction!

    Everything about this sword reflects its authenticity and perfection, and it truly is beyond awesome!

    Thankyou to Mr.Vickery for his lovely customer service and pleasant attitude and sharing this work of art with me at such a modest price!

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    Katana - "Utsukushii Ha"

    Posted by Michael J Duncanson on 26th Apr 2013

    I had to write a review on the "Utsukushii Ha" - Beautiful Edge .....Custom Clay Tempered Samurai Katana. This Katana is amazing, In more ways than one. The workmanship, The fine detail, presentation, and amazing draw from the Saya is at the highest level of quality. The Saya is beautifully presented with shell embossing of birds etc.. I have bought the White Lightning and I rate that Katana extremely highly, However this Katana is the pinnacle of Katana's at the highest level, this company make and present there Katana's at the highest standard. No cheap imitations, Just the finest in all facets of this Katana, I recommend to the serious collector. I was even able to have my name engraved in Japanese on the blade, and on the other side of the blade in English the virtues I live my life by, The engraving is at the highest quality and has made my Katana unique in every way. I give this Katana a rating of 10 out of 10.