Achi-Gata Jingasa

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Āchi-Gata Jingasa


The Āchi-Gata Jingasa (Arched Battle Hat) started to become popular amongst Ashigaru at the end of the Sengoku Jidai into the early Edo Era.  Traditionally a defensive helmet, they were allegedly first crafted from wood, leather, nerigawa, then iron and later steel. They began progressively getting better as the Ashigaru grew in popularity on the battlefield.

Almost always conical in shape, the Jingasa would deflect the blows of weapons out and away from the ashigaru wearing it.

Jingasa were traditionally lacquered in black and would typically bear the mon of their clans (mark or crest) or that of their unit. This ensured that soldiers could be easily identified from a distance. These mon were often painted in gold color.  The inside of the Jingasa was typically lined with hemp cloth. They also featured four metal rings riveted inside, and a cord would be tied into these rings and loop down just below the ears. A second cord would then be passed through the loops and tie below chin securing the jingasa to the head.


  • Traditional design and handcrafting.
  • Optional paint colors and mon.





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