Byo-toji Yokohagi Okegawa Dō Gashira

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Byo-toji Yokohagi Okegawa Dō Gashira

The traditional name for this style of dō is: “Byo-toji Yokohagi Okegawa Gendai Ni-mai-dō”. It is another style of the most common dō used by high ranking samurai and ashigaru (foot soldiers) alike, due to the simplicity of its design, toward the end of the Sengoku Era (warring states). The Byo-Toji Yokohagi Okegawa-Dō featured a horizontal plate design with raised rivets, used for holding the overlapping ito-mono plating in place and partly for decoration.  Because the armor was designed with a single hinge under the left arm it allowed the wearer to slide into the dō and tie it closed from the other side, also known as a “clam shell” dō.


This combination of design creates a very strong, shock absorbing, layered dō which is more economical, comfortable, less maintenance and more reliable in battle than previous chest armors. This Gashira Class Dō features a traditional pin hinge under the left armpit, which can be removed, after with an attached cord can be adjusted, to make a simple ni-mai-dō, to accommodate those with a larger or smaller chest.  The ita-mono may utilize some spot welding to strengthen the design for safety, maintenance and economic reasons. Removable Tate-Eri (shoulder padding with kikko plating) for added comfort and protection.


Features:  Traditional Gashira Class Tōsei Yokohagi Okegawa design.


  • Full sized and fully functional
  • Various paint, mon, cotton odoshi, accessory, customization and sizing options available
  • Optional kawa koshi tsuke (removable gasen / kusazuri). Removable Tate-Eri



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