Kiritsuke Kozane Okegawa Dō Gashira

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Kiritsuke Kozane Okegawa Dō Gashira

The Kiritsuke Kozane Okegawa Dō was a lamellae style armor, commonly used amongst high-ranking samurai warriors and Daimyo of the mid 16th century. It continued to be used into the late Edo Era. The chest plate style of Kiritsuke-Kozane was a new and more economical version “hon kozane” (true scale), which were individual narrow scale plates laced together, giving a flexible style of armor that could wrap around the warrior.  The kiritsuke-Kozane simulates the look of kozane but is made from long, broad strips (ita-mono) of iron or steel plates, known as “sane-ita”, or “itazane”, laced together in kebiki-odoshi style lacing (also referred to as “full lacing”),  which is the same fashion of traditional kozane, giving the same look without the extra cost (typically triple the price).  This also made the armor easier the maintain and more durable in combat.  The full name for this particular dō is: “Kiritsuke Kozane Kebiki Odoshi Gendai Okegawa Ni-Mai-Dō”.

Features:  Traditional design. Gashira Class.

  • Full sized and fully functional
  • Various paint, cotton odoshi, accessory, customization and sizing options available
  • Optional kawa koshi tsuke (removable gasen / kusazuri)
  • Removable Tate-Eri


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