Egawa no Okegawa Dō Gashira

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Egawa no Okegawa Dō Gashira

Our Egawa no Okegawa Dō is a Gashira Class Dō (chest armor) crafted after the ni-mai (2 piece chest) style which was popular in the late 1400s to early 1500s.  This dō features egawa (or an artisan style of printed leather) on the upper plates (Muna ita / Oshitsuke ita / Waka ita) which we offer in several styles. Choose from either white or Fusube Gawa (smoked brown) leather style.  

This style of dō also has the optional fukurin (applied, decorative metal trim) along the edge of the plates for extra embellishment. This Gashira Class gendai okegawa yokohagi dō, is a “tube sided” horizontal plated, two piece chest design, and joined together with a hinge, making it a “clam shell” style of armor.  This style of dō has horizontal, overlapping plates that are riveted together. This technique creates an incredibly strong, shock absorbing, layered chest-plate, which was more economical, comfortable, low maintenance and more reliable in battle then any previous designs.  This is why the Okegawa yoroi had become the most common style of armor used by all levels of samurai and their ashigaru during the 16 century.   The full name for this traditional dō is: “Egawa no Yokohagi Okegawa Gendai Ni-Mai-Dō“.

The Dō features a traditional pin hinge under the left armpit, which can be removed, to make a simple ni-mai-dō to accommodate those with a larger or smaller chests.  The ita-mono style of construction utilizes some spot welding to strengthen the design for safety & maintenance reasons.  It also comes with a removable Tate-Eri (shoulder padding with kikko plating), for added comfort and protection.

Features:  Traditional design. Gashira Class.

  • Full sized and fully functional.
  • Various paint, cotton odoshi, accessory, customization and sizing options available.
  • Optional kawa koshi tsuke (removable gasen / kusazuri).
  • Removable Tate-Eri.


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