Haori Sodetsukibaori - Samurai Jacket

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HAORI-S - Haori Sodetsukibaori
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Traditional Samurai Jacket

Haori Sodetsukibaori (Samurai Jacket with Sleeves) or Medium Haori is a traditional Japanese “formal” jacket with sleeves worn over a Juban, Hakama Shita or Kimono.

The medium Haori Sodetsukibaori is worn hip or knee length and can be worn opened or kept closed by an odoshi lace that connects the lapels. The lapel and collar are typically folded back to the outside, in which loops are sewn to attached the odoshi lace.  

During the Sengoku period a samurai would wear more simple medium haori for both casual and formal events.  Samurai would wear a jinbaori (Sleeveless Jacket or Samurai Vest) or Haori Yoroi (Jacket for armor) over his armor. Samurai would also wear a manto (cloak) with their armor set as well.  

During the Edo period samurai became more affluent, affording more lavished formal jackets featuring silks, designs and decorative brocades.  The Ashigaru and merchant class were restricted on the quality of their formal jacket, so a more discreet haori was designed, featuring simple material on the outside and silk material on the inside.

Iron Mountain Armory offers options to design your own custom haori sodetsukibaori for both Samurai in the Sengoku and Edo era, as well as Edo Ashigaru (available soon).

The Sengoku Samurai Jacket is made from a asa (hemp linen), which is slightly stiff with a rough feel to it.

The Edo Samurai Jacket is made from silk or aya (cotton) giving a soft, smooth feel. Both styles have the option to be closed with odoshi (cord) or a strap with button.

Typically Sengoku era tied closed with an odoshi cord and Edo era could have either method to close the haori. Our samurai clothing and accessories are featured in the docudrama “Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan” by Netflix & the Smithsonian Channel.

Like the rest of our samurai clothing line we make, each haori as traditional as possible with focus on quality over quantity. Each samurai jacket is sewn with quality stitching, handwork and optional trim (a type of fukurin), to add a touch of embellishment and durability. We are honored to make you a fully customized, unique haori worthy of any modern samurai warrior, re-enactor, dedicated cosplay or LARP.  Please select from our many options.

Features Haori Sodetsukibaori

  • Traditional Sengoku and Edo design.
  • Embellished / Durable Fringe.
  • Custom sizing.


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