Ujio Last Samurai Daimyo Class Samurai Armour

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Ujio "The Last Samurai"

Daimyo Class Samurai Armour

This yoroi is an reproduction of the samurai armor worn by Ujio Taisho, in the famous Hollywood production of “The Last Samurai.” Fiercely loyal, Ujio was a determined samurai who served under Katsumoto. His way is no to trust. Trust is always earned. When you did earn his trust, he was loyal to his friends even in the face of death. Ujio wore this suit of armor in his last stand and was one of the last to die a honorable warriors death in the final conflict.

The Ujio “Daimyo yoroi set“ is specially designed and crafted by our master katchû-shi  (Japanese armor smith) at Iron Mountain Armory, who take great pride in every yoroi they create. This particular yoroi set features a momonari kabuto (helmet), menpo (face mask), horse hair mustache and wooden horns.


The Ujio Daimyo samurai armor set is meticulously handcrafted with over 300 individual scale plates using an okegawa do (tube shaped cuirass) design. Keeping true to the movie production, this yoroi set features a momonari kabuto (peach shaped helmet) with raised plating and byo (rivets). The magnificent horns are crafted from wood to ensure exact size, shape and that they are light weight.

The Daimyo katchû-shi will focus on premium quality over quantity. They will use a mixture of traditional and modern techniques / materials to obtain the most luxurious look and regal feel suited for a Daimyo.

Special Note: The Last Samurai Ujio Daimyo Class Samurai Armour options have been preselected to duplicate the exact armour as seen in the photos.

Please contact us via email should you wish to change any sizing/paint or other options.

Features: Daimyo Class quality.

  • Full sized and fully functional.
  • Includes display box and stand.



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