Akai Oni Gashira Samurai Armour

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The Akai Oni Samurai, were elite troops who were hand-picked for their honor and heroism. They who were led into battle by Taisho Akai Oni.  These elite Gashira (officer samurai), would help administer orders and fearlessly lead their Akai Oni Kachi Samurai into battle, regardless the consequences.  

Their armor was painted a crimson suna or vermilion to show their fierce warrior spirit, giving them the name “Akai Oni” (Red Demon).

After winning many battles, the elite warriors of the Takeda Clan grew in notoriety and in number. They are remembered as one of the most famed and powerful clans of Feudal Japan.

Ruling from the Kai Province for 400 years during the 12th to 16th centuries, the Takeda Clan were one of the most powerful families in Japanese feudal history. Their motto was “Loyalty and Fraternity”, and their Clan banner bore the words “fu rin ka zan(wind, forest, fire, mountain), standing for “Swift as the Wind, Silent as the Forest, Intrusive as Fire, and Immovable as a Mountain”.

The Iron Mountain Armory, is proud to present this fine, traditional reproduction vanguard style samurai armor of the Takeda Clan, featuring Kiritsuke Iyozane (simulated scale) sode (shoulder guards) and kusazar (defensive skirt plating). Handcrafted by our experienced katchû-shi (Japanese armor smith), this Gashira Armor is crafted using traditional designs with implementation of some modern tools and techniques. 

The standard color of the Akai Oni Samurai Armor is red paint, with Black Lacing. We offer the ability to customize it however you like, including paints, laces, material and leather in multiple colors and styles.

Features: Gashira Class crafting.

  • Full sized and fully functional.
  • Variation of paint, high quality cotton odoshi colors and traditional features.   Includes display box and stand.


-Series Information

All of our armour is forged in the traditional iron armour plating (lames) tradition. 


However, we offer our armour in 3 quality ranges to help fit the needs and budget of our clients.

Kachi - Foot Soldier -

Our Kachi model armour is offered in response to our many clients who want to own a suit of Samurai armour but at a more economical price. This model is exactly the same as the Gashira model, but this model will have synthetic materials, such as satin instead of silk or the extra fittings.


There is no padding under the shoulders and back to make the armor more comfortable & a fixed nose piece for the Menpo. Because the armor is made quickly they might have blemishes in the paint. However, most people can only tell the difference between the two models under close inspection.


These suits of armour have the same overall construction as the Gashira models but just using more economical materials and less fittings.  This level of quality suit was made knowing that damage may occur from future usage etc, so less attention to detail is put into them. 


These suites are often requested by theater/movie studios, re-enactor groups or for costume.  They are a good price for the quality.


Bowl style kabuto, 19 gauge iron lames, Satin, cotton, no fittings, faux fur lip and faux leather

Gashira - Officer -

The Gashira series armor is also crafted in a traditional Yokohagi Okegawa ni-mai dô with raised rivets popular in the Sengoku (Warring States) period.


The Gashira line is meticulously handmade with all high quality, traditional materials and good attention to detail.


Great painting, detachable nose piece from the Menpo,


bowl style kabuto, 19 gauge iron lames, Japanese silk, quality cotton, brass & copper fittings with genuine leather.


Absolutely stunning pieces of traditional craftsmanship.

Taisho - Commanding Officer Armor  -

This armour model is made with the level of quality and expectations that a high ranking Samurai would expect.  Using only the highest quality in materials; such as Japanese silk, organic cotton, buffalo horn, etc.  Each suit of armour is made by our head master- craftsmen with a close eye to detail and quality control.


They are accurate and detailed in every way. For example a single helmet can consist of over 32 different hand-spliced iron plates (Laminated Style Kabuto), individually riveted together.  Our Taisho model samurai armor is made specifically for private collectors, museums, re-enactors, martial artists and those who demand the highest detail and quality. 


These suits are often ordered by collectors who want the finest quality armour without having to pay the high cost and taxes that they would as if they would had purchased it in Japan. Incredible high quality at an excellent market price and sold frequently to clients in Japan .


Laminated style kabuto, 19 gauge iron lames, Japanese silk, quality cotton, brass & copper fittings with genuine leather.


We are the ONLY exclusively licensed Dealer of quality armour for the world renowned Iron Mountain Armory and Little Star Enterprises Inc. in Australia.