Moritsugu Katsumoto The Last Samurai Daimyo Class Samurai Armour

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Moritsugu Katsumoto

"The Last Samurai"

Daimyo Class Samurai Armour

Moritsugu Katsumoto Samurai Armor “The Last Samurai” is hand crafted by the highly skilled katchû-shi (Japanese armorer) of the Iron Mountain Armory, with great passion and pride.  This beautiful, one of a kind Daimyo class samurai armor set is crafted due to high demand for a replica of “Moritsugu Katsumoto” last samurai armor set. Moritsugu Katsumoto is a fictional character played by Ken Watanabe from the semi-fictional movie “The Last Samurai”.  In the movie Katsumoto is believed to have portrayed real life Saigo Takamori who was the most influential samurai and politician in the cross over of Edo to Meiji eras.

Saigo Takamori was hailed as one of the “Three Great Nobles” who led the “Meiji Restoration“.  Although he originally supported the Meiji Restoration, which disbanded the Tokugawa shogunate (striping them of their power and lands), his support shifted when seeing the systematic persecution of the samurai by the new Japanese Government.  It was Saigo Takamori who led the Satsuma Rebellion, which united the last of the samurai in their last war in Japanese history. Because of this, Takamori is considered to be “The Last True Samurai” (not Tom Cruise).

 This beautiful samurai gusoku (matching samurai armor set) boasts a 32 ken suji-bachi kabuto with so-fukurin (brass edging over the 32 plate ridges) as well as is crafted with both kiritsuke iyozane (simulated wide scale) and kiritsuke kozane (simulated narrow scale) plating. It features fukurin (brass trim) along the Do (chest), fukigaeshi (ears) and mabizashi (brim), along with unique brass and copper plating with bamboo / tiger motif.

The Daimyo katchû-shi will focus on premium quality over quantity. They will use a mixture of traditional and modern techniques / materials to obtain the most luxurious look and regal feel suited for a Daimyo.

Special Note: The Last Samurai Moritsugu Katsumoto Daimyo Class Samurai Armour options have been preselected to duplicate the exact armour as seen in the photos.

Please contact us via email should you wish to change any sizing/paint or other options.

Features: Daimyo Quality

  • Crafted by the most experienced armors of Iron Mountain Armory.
  • Traditional late Sengoku / early Edo era design with theatrical details.
  • Moritsugu Katsumoto The Last Samurai Armor Daimyo Class Armor Replica.
  • Includes Stand and Yoroi Bitsu (storage / display box).
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