So-men Gashira

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So-men Gashira

This So-men (full mask) is the full-faced variant of the traditional armored samurai menpō (mask). It was designed to cover the entire face instead of just the lower portion.  This particular somen is Gashira class and cast from bronze. It is a little too heavy to be worn comfortably, it works best for display.  This “Gashira Class” So-men features two adjustable cotton cords and an attached hood to hold the heavy mask more snugly to your face. The Gashira So-men looks great displayed by itself, mounted on your wall or displayed on a mantel. Its also a nice display for restaurants, office, worn for decoration, re-enactment or as part of a costume.

Features: Gashira Quality – Brass crafted So-men  

  • Full sized and functional
  • Various paint, mustache / beard and tare options available
  • Cast from bronze


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